Be gone I tell thee!

Rant update. I, like you (presumably), have kept up with this abhorrent scandal that has happened in our Town. It is quite surreal opening the papers, watching the news and listening to the radio and hearing your birthplace and home being dragged through the mud all because of some very sick corrupt groomers and the several institutions that let this happen.

I have sat and thought about this as I don’t really find knee-jerk reactions useful. And for us to move on there does need to be a clear out. But I’m not into sweeping statements so I wouldn’t (like others have) call for mass resignation without reason. So in my books, this is who should leave:

  • Shaun Wright PCC – Top of the list. It goes without saying the momentous fuck up this man is. My call for his resignation goes alongside the Prime Ministers’ and Ed Miliband’s.
  • Police officer – Any police officer who had been complicit or guilty in this scandal. Such as the police officers who arrested a 15 year old victim and let the 23/24 year old groomer walk free. Or those (if police at all) who raided the risky business office.
  • Middle management – who acted as a barrier towards the issue when social workers who raised the issue met a grey wall.
  • Joyce Thacker – For whatever little good she has done, her reign over much of this terrible period cannot go un-counted for. She also presided over the UKIP fostering scandal. This woman has to go.
  • Everyone who sat on the council in 2005 – my reasoning being that those who attended the seminar knew exactly what was going on and those who didn’t attend would have still been brought up to date on the issue Which leads me onto the following.
  • Cllr Caven Vines – Cllr Vines makes the excuse of being in Holland at the time (Red-light district?) But would have been brought up to date with the content of the Seminar.
  • Cllr John Turner –  The fact that this man sits on our council is a mockery in itself but hey ho. His excuse being that he was warned against bringing it up because it might hinder police investigations yet this Dinosaur was on the council till 2012. He simply let the issue rest.
  • John Healey MP – It has become visible from reading other blogs in the past few days that Mr Healey first of all did not want a investigation as early as two years ago. ……… A personal friend of Shaun Wright, he has been active in keeping up to date with the local governance of Rotherham and possibly advised some of his constituent Cllr’s i.e. Shaun Wright and Roger Stone. He also seems to have been texting Shaun Wright messages of support. How much did he know?
  • Kevin Barron – Again, how much did he know? A daughter in the cabinet for over a decade. A brother on the council until this year. Colluding with John Healey MP? Denis MacShane stated that when he said Andrew Norfok was only doing his job and was a good journalist for trying to unveil this secret, Kevin Barron scorned him with the look of death.

Questions also lie at the front door of the Town Hall in regards of its new cabinet. Paul Lakin had been the cabinet member for four years? How much did he know and did he do all he could have? Why has Mahroof Hussain, with all his ‘connections’ and position in the community been allowed to stay in the cabinet and Labour Party? Why has Christine Beaumont, a dinosaur who has been adviser to Lakin on children services for three years been allowed to take this same position up? How much did she know? Rumours of bullying and snobbery too. Dominic Beck, from what I understand……..he cannot be blamed for this scandal but having a read of other blogs, all does not seem legit or morally right with how he has earned his current position.

Rant over, feel free to share your views.


What a shambles!

It can be assumed that you are all up to date with what is happening right now bearing in mind that Rotherham is plastered all over the mainstream media about Alexis Jay’s report into CSE. 

Here is the Deputy Leader Paul Lakin getting turned into mince meat on the issue this morning. Scary to think this hermit of a man could possibly scoop up the leadership. Only Sue Ellis can take the reins now.

Shaun Wright is refusing to go even after calls as such from his own party. Cllr Paul Lakin also finds his role called into question seen as Alexis Jay’s report also covers part of his period of office responsible for young people and children and his prior involvement to the department. 

Roger did what Roger does best and took the quick way out, to his credit. All members of the scrutiny board relevant to this department during this periods should also question their legitimacy. 

Lets have a clearout!

Some Questions to Sir Kev!

Received these questions through an anonymous email:

  • After being MP for a ‘safe seat’ for 33 years do you worry you are now a dinosaur?
  • Do you think it is smart to have employed your first wife and her sister as well as your second wife?
  • Is it true that you have five houses?
  • What do you think of rumours which suggest that you have took ‘backhanders’ from pharmaceutical companies and MPs who wished not to be investigated by the standards committee?
  • And what do you think about the rumours that you had a witch hunt arranged for Denis MacShane’s head which conveniently ended up with him being backed into a corner and standing down, and then ‘someone’ with influence encouraging the NEC to implement an all women’s short-list?
  • And that you conveniently were chums with Sarah Champion MP before this happened?
  • That many in your constituency are worse off whilst you have enriched yourself through milking the system?
  • That you allegedly paid a poor family off in order to make their son/daughter take the wrap for a drugs related issue which the police were investigating in order to protect your daughter many years ago?
  • And what do you think about bookies taking bets that people in the Rotherham borough will see your face between now and May 2015 after not seeing you since may 2010?

How will you vote at the next local elections?

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