A break with the past!

They say that Rotherham is a Rotten Borough! And you shall find no disagreement with that here. Though folk make the mistake of saying this solely lays at the labour Party’s feet. But………..it has not always been this way and I should be able to vouch for that as I was at the heart of the local party in the 90’s. We were ‘true’ labour back then…..when we stood up for people’s interests. However………The vermin started to creep into the wood work in 1994 when skies filled with career politicians and down flew Denis MacShane. A ‘careerist’ as they say with nil ties to the Town. Only interested (and proven) to be lining his own pockets. This is where it began and by the end of that decade I left the party as I could see the serpents poison seep through every level of the Labour Party in Rotherham.

Membership declined rapidly over the years till this day and so did the party democracy. And the ill-management of this Town ever since has led for our name to be dragged into the media for ill reasons time and time again. We all know these different factors and those responsible should be held account but my purpose for this article is a desire or more so a vision of a break with the past. MacShane would not dare show his face round these parts. His disappearance and the loss of some Cllrs this year plus ex-cllr Wright moving on to SYP has signalled some sort of shift in the right direction. Now there remains two of the ‘old faces’ that stand between the status quo and a break with the past. Leader Stone, not so much a worry as he will inevitably topple upon his own shoe laces if the Beck/Lakin tag team do not push him first. The other being this tag team. They remain a part of the ‘old faces’ gang and no matter what can be argued in there favour, they possibly can not offer us anything new. Otherwise they would have done it by now. The reins now need to be taken by a honest and decent cllr who is ‘connection free’ of this past. Someone who is competent and has a vast support base. A break with the past requires a woman’s touch!



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