A new era is beckoning!

If one was to read comments left by online contributors and the so called ‘Phantom of the Town Hall’ in addition with what cllrs are saying behind closed doors. Then you could be forgiven for viewing this as discontent among the Labour group in the Town Hall. All this speak of plotting, who said what, who did what and who is actually leading.

Firstly it can be argued that such talk as this would only occur when the leadership is weak. It would seem Roger is no longer ‘really’ running the party or the council. But there has been high speculation and talk of how the new Deputy Leader is ill fitted for the role or leadership. I would take that with a pinch of salt if I was you but his appointment and future leadership has made a few inside the cabinet and on the back benches uncomfortable. A decent Cllr but maybe not the most appropriate out of this bunch.

According to some insiders……….Roger has all but gave up on even trying and is just sitting on hist nest egg to keep it warm. Has Lakin and co got what it takes to rise up to the challenge. Whatever the speculation gone before we can only wait and see for sure.

Having been in contact with over a dozen Cllrs and one or two of the opposition ones too, we here at Rothpolt2 have been offered a picture of how it should be rather than how it actually is. And this vision that is widely shared among a large number of Cllr’s is that of a new, bold and dynamic leadership. In particular Cllr Ellis. And their arguments can even reach the widest of audiences. Firstly, the obvious, having a Female as leader will speak volumes (positive) for the Labour Party and the Borough. They believe that Cllr Ellis has the experience, the support and the know how to drive the Council rather than it stagnating.

I am no betting woman but if I was then if any leadership contest was put up before or after the election then I would be placing my sterling on Cllr Ellis. We shall see.



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