What were UKIP trying to achieve?

So………….As you have all probably heard from one source of local media or another. The UKIP councillors performed a walkout of the last council meeting because they did not get to ask all of their questions. 17 questions were in existence and 15 of them belonged to UKIP. Knowing full well that there is 30 minutes allocated to questions they spat their dummy out when they overstepped the said time. If they do not like this process then they know the full formalities they have to undertake and the processes they need to follow through to change things. It’s a thing called Democracy. There true intentions could be this. They had pre-planned the walkout of their first council meeting to try and catch some headlines. Cheap and pathetic political point scoring. We shall see these tactics of by where they try and achieve tiser publicity become a common theme. But…………you can’t blame them when their own leadership in Brussels play the same type of games (below is a recent photo of Farage and other UKIP MEPs turning their back on the European anthem – average UKIP IQ 75):




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