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From one failure to another. The Life story of rothpol!

Exactly who is the man behind Rothpol? Rik Van Hegan? Of course. We all know that his blog is riddled with bias, xenophobia and hatred but that is not what I want to look at here. I want to find the meta-narrative of the blog. Dissect it’s agenda and rik’s thinking so we can find out, unmistakably, the reason behind riks propaganda machine…….rothpol!

Where is this hatred and personal agenda come from. Childhood? small man syndrome? Wasn’t he loved enough? Possibly, but here’s my theory about Rik. (below):


Rik is so anti-labour (and therefore spouts out all the same old anti-labour stuff whilst letting all the other parties and independents get away with murder) because he still hurts, all because he did not get his own way. You see…….Rik  started to become bitter about Labour when Cllr John Doyle was selected as candidate over himself in 1999. Rik was furious and all his actions from then would be shaped by his personal hatred for Labour…….he wanted vengeance?

Rik then was the ‘supposed’ brains behind the Rotherham independents campaign which peaked (but still failed miserably) between 2008 – 2010. It has since died and is nothing more than a pitiful memory. Rotherham independents below:


Then in 2010, Rik, despite his dreadful track record was chosen to be the agent of Independent candidate Peter Thirlwall. See Peter here:

A long story short, Peter’s campaign led to f*ck all. Rik had failed him again. Election results here:

This campaign was now dead all together…..just like Rik’s dreams. Why has this man failed at everything he has ever done. He is actually a bit of a jinx to anyone he backs. Once they have his backing….they never win. But…..It is not important that he is one massive failure for we all fail from time to time…..some more than others. What is noteworthy here, is that rik tries to compensate his own individual failures by blaming all things labour…just because he was not selected. But this personal vengeance has blinded rik into acquiring the company of Kippers and little englanders. Not the company a supposed socialist should be keeping.

Moreover……Riks blog…Rothpol, is some sort of smoke and mirrors ploy. For those that don’t know Rik, or those with the untrained eye, rothpol might look like it is bursting with discussion. But the bare and naked truth is that apart from a few rumpleforeskins (listed in link below), rik is merely using several different identities to make an image of participation by many. But he also uses this technique to form some consensus on what he is trying to push out there (his message). In fact, several people who have attempted to make comments, from a contrary position have been unpublished and censored by our lickle dik.

So there you have it….call me a conspirator but that is my theory behind his madness. Everything our poor dicky gets up to is amplified by smoke and mirrors, but more importantly, everything he does, he does because of his own failure in life. Please spare a prayer tonight for poor Rik.


Keyboard warriors and nothing more!

Right……I thought I would share an observation here with you. It concerns the ethics and standards of those who claim to be in the ‘common sense’ camp. You know the type on rothpol….Highly criticizing of the incumbents and borderline hatred for certain cllrs. Commenting away on Rothpol from the comfort of their chairs, they convince themselves to know the whole objective truth on all matters. Whilst not scrutinizing others like Respect, Conservatives and independents. I won’t add UKIP to that list as they’re the one’s running the blog now….our lickle dik is just a mouthpiece for them.

They are actually so used to agreeing with each other that when someone dares question them (like I have done on this blog) then to them you must automatically be ‘Labour’ or their favorite ‘baddy’….Cllr Akhtar. How pathetic of them and small minded. It’s always the same. They are so busy assuming that it is the ‘usual suspects’ that they show me how clueless they are to who rothpolt2 is and my unsuspected sources are ha! They don’t take lightly to anyone questioning their consensus.

But the observation that came to me today was this, whilst they are sitting at home typing their diatribe and racial profiling (in some instances). Criticizing all that Labour do….understandably the bad points but never acknowledging the good points. Failing to provide alternative answers. It”s very easy to criticize but not to do.

So let’s think or let’s question what they actually do to make our Town/society a better place? Are they activists? Are they out on the streets? Are they pro-active? Or are they little englanders behind the comfort of a keyboard? You decide.

So who are rik’s crusaders?

Tony Richardson: A foul mouthed islamphobe? Known as a ‘nosey bleeder’ locally and has been the subject of several complaints against intrusion of privacy etc. A right said fred lookalike?


Tim Wells: Not much known about Tim. A lonely individual looking to fit in with the ‘big boys’? updated: EDL sympathiser? – :

‘Robin Symonds. The only people that cause trouble at EDL rallies are the left wing facists who attend to cause as much trouble as possible. The EDL have a valid point to make and should be able to make that point peacefully. I have sympathy for the cause of the EDL. It isn’t really about skin culture, but the culture people try to force on us. I believe that when you go to live in another country, you go there to dissolve into their culture, not to force your own on it. Rather than creating ghetto’s in specific parts of cities or turning cities into country within a country, we should look at better integration. Why go to another country, if you only want to live with other Indian’s or Pakistani’s etc. We now have the same issue with white Eastern Europeans The racist attitudes can be just as bad if not worse from other cultures. I believe immigration to the UK needs to be stopped for 10 year and the quality and quantity controlled. I don’t believe in discrimination on colour or ability, but what benefit you will be to the UK.




Dave Smith: Has ran for election in Dinnington every year dating back to the Norman invasion. Supposed Socialist? Socialist with kippers for best friends? Fascination with women cllrs? who knows!


Peter Thirlwall: Ex-Labour. Man of opportunism? Aspiring MP? Not interested in standing up for anything unless the press are available to record it?


Cllr Vines: Ties with the BNP? Islamaphobe? Personal agenda? Back-stabbed Rik? John Prescott lookalike? Who knows!



John Wilkinson: Fantasist? Thatcher lover? In the advertiser letters page every week? Kipper?


Allen Cowles: Kipper? Definitely in the Advertiser’s letter page every week!


If anyone knows more about the crusaders, what are THEY doing to make Rotherham a better place then please let us know. Our questions can not go unanswered.

Nigel bottles it!

Source: Hope Not Hate.

Farage looks like a bottler – and he only has himself to blame

Nigel Farage meets locals and party officials during a visit on April 23, 2014 in Yarm. Photograph: Getty Images.

After foolishly boasting that victory in the Newark by-election would force David Cameron to resign, the Ukip leader marched his troops back down the hill.

Having marched his troops to the top of the hill, Nigel Farage has just marched them down back down again. After stoking speculation that he would stand in the Newark by-election by boasting last night that David Cameron would have to resign if he won, the Ukip leader has just told the BBC that he won’t be running after all. He said outside his home in Bath:

It was only 12 hours ago that Patrick Mercer stood down, so I haven’t had long to think about it, but I have thought about it, and we’re just over three weeks away from a European election at which I think Ukip could cause an earthquake in British politics, from which we can go on and win not just one parliamentary seat but quite a lot of parliamentary seats.

For that reason, I don’t want to do anything that deflects from the European election campaign, so I’m not going to stand in this by-election.

I want to focus the next three weeks on winning the European elections and also I don’t have any links with the East Midlands. I would just look like an opportunist, and I don’t think that would work.

 Were he being honest, Farage would have admitted that there was one big reason why he chose not to stand: he feared he would lose. The Tories currently enjoy a majority of 16,152 in Newark and a lead of 25,636 over Ukip (which polled 3.8 per cent in 2010). Even with the momentum that would follow victory in the European elections, overcoming that deficit would have been a daunting challenge. Ukip briefed this morning that it fears the elderly, middle-class Conservative vote is “solid”, and it is almost certainly right.

Farage made the right call. But having allowed, and even encouraged, speculation to run out of control, he has been unavoidably damaged this morning. There was no need for him to boast that he was powerful enough to topple Cameron, or to declare that winning a Westminster seat would “transform the landscape” for Ukip. He could simply have told reporters that he would “sleep on it” and decide in the morning.

Farage may well still lead Ukip to a remarkable victory on 22 May (indeed,the polls suggesthe is almost certain to). But right now the politician he most resembles is Gordon Brown after the election that never was in 2007. For the first time in weeks, Ukip’s momentum has stalled.

A quick note on the EDl!

Just a quick note on the EDL. Why is it so many EDL demonstrations have been banned by the Home Office in certain places but yet they can’t be bothered to stop them in Rotherham? Why must we as a Town suffer at the hands of a bunch of uneducated drunken hooligans? Some of the places where similar demonstrations have been banned:

Riks double standards? The case of Maureen Vines!

If one is to look through the field of UKIP candidates on the list of candidates 2014 (below):


It would appear the pulchritudinous Maureen Vines is standing for UKIP in this years local elections. Yes that’s right, Maureen Vines as in the better half of Right said Fred……locally known as Cllr Caven ‘muslamic rayguns’ Vines. He is too sexy for his shirt.

Any way to the point……..Cllr Vines’s wife is standing for this years local elections. You might have not heard as our lickle Dik has decided what people should know and shouldn’t know. Or maybe is that what people should think and shouldn’t think. Rik’s blatant bias and fetish of all things UKIP has really become central to his life now and like Joseph Goebbels he spins the news.

Is it me, but I thought Rik and the kippers disliked this family monopoly of local politics. Rik mentioned Maureen once in a obvious positive manner and the kippers loved it (see here):

But it seems if UKIP keep it in the family then it’s all ok…..’we live in a democracy don’t we?’…….But if Labour is to do the same thing then it’s worthy of attention and abuse. Remember last year, Lisa Wright (Wife of Shaun Wright) ran for Labour in Rawmarsh against Caven Vines. Rik took to her with a machete (metaphorically speaking) and wouldn’t let the fact that she was married to another politician drop. This year we have the exact same situation and Rik and the kippers treat Maureen like the Messiah. It seems that this practice of ‘keeping it in the family’ is ok for kippers but not Labour.

Rik……whilst being silent on Maureen said this on Lisa Wright:

‘One wonders, what on Earth possessed the Labour Party members of Rawmarsh, when they decided to pick Lisa Wright?

This certainly looks like a case of dynastic politics, arrogance and extreme greed, coupled with a lack of any political sensitivity, as to how this will appear to the long suffering voters of Rawmarsh Ward.

Nor will this selection, do Labour any credit, elsewhere in Rotherham Borough!’

Here’s riks nitpicking on Lisa Wright, wife of Shaun Wright:

Can you imagine…….face red as a radish and the amount of froth coming out of crazy lickle dik’s mouth if she had been married to a serving Labour Councillor ? Him and his crazy gang of ‘little englanders’ would have been spewing things like snouts in the trough.

So have we heard anything about Mrs Vines ? Of course not, cause she is a kipper and Rik loves his kippers.

Obssesive Compulsive Disorder!

If one was to look at the rothpol blog recently, you would see that a certain anonymous commentator keeps on implying that this Blog is being run by Cllr Akhtar. See here:

Now you might think that this is credible if you are a non associate with the man that shall not be named…..Lord Rickermort! You see……All those comments on that article is actually Rik himself…..the man is bloody bonkers, he keeps on talking to himself. Although your sympathy towards him would probably be required as he suffers from a severe case of OCD. That severe in fact that it actually cripples him day and night. For the man is obsessed with Cllr Akhtar and the other Asian Cllrs. Like all sadistic obsessives he will blame the thing that thrills him most. This is lazy journalism from our lickle Dik as he try’s to point the finger at the person who is most easiest to blame. And all his bukkake kipper friends join in like fools.

But here is my line to the rothpollers. Your dear leader…Rik….knows who exactly who I am. But he will point the finger elsewhere as he doesn’t want my identity to surface. Why? You ask. Rik and I have known each other a long time now and we spent quite satisfying and fulfilling times with each other in the 1990’s.  So if you could ask for yourselves you might see the bigger picture here. I have set this blog up as a long term thing to scrutinize politics in Rotherham as I have more time on my hands now that I’m retired. Rik tends to shovel the same anti-RMBC/Labour stuff out so I aim to give you the other side of the story, all the bits our Rik deliberately misses out. Who knows, between us we might be able to cover all sides ha!

On another note……Several individuals have contacted me on this page to give info or raise concerns etc. If you want to get anything off your chest then please contact me on this page. Your identity will always remain secret. Over and out for now!

Where is Sir Kev?

Rothpolt2 has had two constituents contact us on this page about their concern for our Kev! That being the Right Honorable Kevin Barron MP……..or Sir Kev as he is known nowadays. They point out that Kev is not accessible to them and that they haven’t seen him around since Tony Blair was PM.

This leads one to ponder whilst gazing at the stars……..the world going into slow motion……Your breathing becoming synchronized with your thoughts……all whilst trying to ask yourself……where the hell is Kev!

Is he the ugly Duckling out of the three Rotherham MP’s? Or would that be tired duckling. The problem here may arise from all the time and commitment he spends on his drug company chums! And this from the man who heads the standards committee. More to the point……..where is Kev on the campaign trail, you would think he would be out at every opportunity? The other two Rotherham MP’s have shown their faces (below):



Above is Sarah Champion MP and John Healey MP but no picture available of Sir Kev. But we will give him the benefit of doubt here. If anyone who has seen Sir Kev out on the campaign trail then please let us know or if any Labour Party members wish to clarify this for us then it would be most welcome. Contact us on this page and your identity will be protected if you wish so.

So this leads us to the penultimate question. Is the Barron of Rotherham missing? Has he become a part time MP? Or has he started retirement? Will he be standing down at the next election? Who knows, anybody’s guess.