Some Questions to Sir Kev!

Received these questions through an anonymous email:

  • After being MP for a ‘safe seat’ for 33 years do you worry you are now a dinosaur?
  • Do you think it is smart to have employed your first wife and her sister as well as your second wife?
  • Is it true that you have five houses?
  • What do you think of rumours which suggest that you have took ‘backhanders’ from pharmaceutical companies and MPs who wished not to be investigated by the standards committee?
  • And what do you think about the rumours that you had a witch hunt arranged for Denis MacShane’s head which conveniently ended up with him being backed into a corner and standing down, and then ‘someone’ with influence encouraging the NEC to implement an all women’s short-list?
  • And that you conveniently were chums with Sarah Champion MP before this happened?
  • That many in your constituency are worse off whilst you have enriched yourself through milking the system?
  • That you allegedly paid a poor family off in order to make their son/daughter take the wrap for a drugs related issue which the police were investigating in order to protect your daughter many years ago?
  • And what do you think about bookies taking bets that people in the Rotherham borough will see your face between now and May 2015 after not seeing you since may 2010?

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