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What were UKIP trying to achieve?

So………….As you have all probably heard from one source of local media or another. The UKIP councillors performed a walkout of the last council meeting because they did not get to ask all of their questions. 17 questions were in existence and 15 of them belonged to UKIP. Knowing full well that there is 30 minutes allocated to questions they spat their dummy out when they overstepped the said time. If they do not like this process then they know the full formalities they have to undertake and the processes they need to follow through to change things. It’s a thing called Democracy. There true intentions could be this. They had pre-planned the walkout of their first council meeting to try and catch some headlines. Cheap and pathetic political point scoring. We shall see these tactics of by where they try and achieve tiser publicity become a common theme. But…………you can’t blame them when their own leadership in Brussels play the same type of games (below is a recent photo of Farage and other UKIP MEPs turning their back on the European anthem – average UKIP IQ 75):




A break with the past!

They say that Rotherham is a Rotten Borough! And you shall find no disagreement with that here. Though folk make the mistake of saying this solely lays at the labour Party’s feet. But……… has not always been this way and I should be able to vouch for that as I was at the heart of the local party in the 90’s. We were ‘true’ labour back then…..when we stood up for people’s interests. However………The vermin started to creep into the wood work in 1994 when skies filled with career politicians and down flew Denis MacShane. A ‘careerist’ as they say with nil ties to the Town. Only interested (and proven) to be lining his own pockets. This is where it began and by the end of that decade I left the party as I could see the serpents poison seep through every level of the Labour Party in Rotherham.

Membership declined rapidly over the years till this day and so did the party democracy. And the ill-management of this Town ever since has led for our name to be dragged into the media for ill reasons time and time again. We all know these different factors and those responsible should be held account but my purpose for this article is a desire or more so a vision of a break with the past. MacShane would not dare show his face round these parts. His disappearance and the loss of some Cllrs this year plus ex-cllr Wright moving on to SYP has signalled some sort of shift in the right direction. Now there remains two of the ‘old faces’ that stand between the status quo and a break with the past. Leader Stone, not so much a worry as he will inevitably topple upon his own shoe laces if the Beck/Lakin tag team do not push him first. The other being this tag team. They remain a part of the ‘old faces’ gang and no matter what can be argued in there favour, they possibly can not offer us anything new. Otherwise they would have done it by now. The reins now need to be taken by a honest and decent cllr who is ‘connection free’ of this past. Someone who is competent and has a vast support base. A break with the past requires a woman’s touch!


A new era is beckoning!

If one was to read comments left by online contributors and the so called ‘Phantom of the Town Hall’ in addition with what cllrs are saying behind closed doors. Then you could be forgiven for viewing this as discontent among the Labour group in the Town Hall. All this speak of plotting, who said what, who did what and who is actually leading.

Firstly it can be argued that such talk as this would only occur when the leadership is weak. It would seem Roger is no longer ‘really’ running the party or the council. But there has been high speculation and talk of how the new Deputy Leader is ill fitted for the role or leadership. I would take that with a pinch of salt if I was you but his appointment and future leadership has made a few inside the cabinet and on the back benches uncomfortable. A decent Cllr but maybe not the most appropriate out of this bunch.

According to some insiders……….Roger has all but gave up on even trying and is just sitting on hist nest egg to keep it warm. Has Lakin and co got what it takes to rise up to the challenge. Whatever the speculation gone before we can only wait and see for sure.

Having been in contact with over a dozen Cllrs and one or two of the opposition ones too, we here at Rothpolt2 have been offered a picture of how it should be rather than how it actually is. And this vision that is widely shared among a large number of Cllr’s is that of a new, bold and dynamic leadership. In particular Cllr Ellis. And their arguments can even reach the widest of audiences. Firstly, the obvious, having a Female as leader will speak volumes (positive) for the Labour Party and the Borough. They believe that Cllr Ellis has the experience, the support and the know how to drive the Council rather than it stagnating.

I am no betting woman but if I was then if any leadership contest was put up before or after the election then I would be placing my sterling on Cllr Ellis. We shall see.


Britain First/BNP

A Sheffield man who goes by the name of Matthew Gouldsbrough has been ‘promoted’ to regional organiser for our region…….Yorkshire.for Britain First. His job concerns the political side of their fascist movement. Paul Golding himself was an ex BNP communication officer and this Matthew Gouldsbrough stood for the BNP in Sheffield in 2010. More proof that Britain First is the birth child of the BNP. Below is Paul Golding and Matthew Gouldsbrough:


Orgreave inquiry?

Miliband calls for inquiry into police actions during Orgreave miners clash

IPCC yet to decide if it will stage Orgreave investigation, with officers accused of assault during 1984 confrontation

An arrested and injured miner being taken to an ambulance during riots with police at Orgreave. Photograph: Rex Features

Ed Miliband has called for a “proper investigation” into alleged policemalpractice during and after the most notorious confrontation of the 1984-85 miners’ strike, at the Orgreave coking plant 30 years ago this week.

South Yorkshire police referred themselves in November 2012 to theIndependent Police Complaints Commission over allegations that police officers had assaulted miners at Orgreave, then committed perjury and misconduct in a public office, and perverted the course of justice in the subsequent prosecutions of 95 miners on riot charges, which collapsed in court.

Nineteen months on, the IPCC says it is still “scoping” evidence to determine whether to hold an investigation. The intervention by the Labour leader provides the most senior political backing yet for the growing campaign to have police conduct at Orgreave fully investigated.

In a recent speech to miners and representatives of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign at Hatfield Main colliery in his Doncaster constituency, soon to be Britain’s only working deep coalmine, Miliband was notably supportive of the miners’ strike, describing it as “a just cause”.

Previous Labour leaders have tended to distance themselves from it, mostly due to concerns about the tactics of Arthur Scargill, then president of the National Union of Mineworkers, which was striking against plans for massive pit closures and job losses. The legacy of almost the entire industry’s subsequent closure, in unemployment, poverty and alienation, is still bitterly felt in former mining areas.

“You were fighting for justice, for your community, for equality, for all the things that mattered,” Miliband said in his speech. “The values you fought for are the values that we have to take forward for the future.

“Very specifically,” he said, “there does need to be a proper investigation about what happened at Orgreave. We support that proper investigation taking place, as a matter of truth and a matter of justice.”

Clarifying what Miliband meant by “a proper investigation”, a Labour party spokesman said: “The IPCC is looking into whether they should investigate. We want them to do the right thing.”

On 18 June 1984, about 10,000 striking miners picketed the Orgreave plant, seeking to prevent coke being delivered to steelworks in Scunthorpe. Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government claimed 4,000 police were there, from a number of forces, commanded by South Yorkshire police. Gareth Peirce, the solicitor who defended miners subsequently charged with riot, said she believed there were 8,000 officers present.

In the police’s own footage of what followed, shown in court, mounted officers with batons drawn can be seen charging into miners, and officers on foot beat miners about the head with truncheons. The police claimed the miners had attacked first, and according to Home Office figures 72 police officers and 51 pickets were injured.

In parliament the following day, Thatcher condemned “mob violence and intimidation” only by miners, and said her government “have carried out their task of seeing that the law is upheld”.

The NUM has always believed police led its members into a prepared trap that day, and miners’ lawyers argued the film showed police charging first, at men who had been gathering peacefully. Only after the charge, the NUM said, did some miners retaliate or defend themselves against police violence which continued for hours.

Scores complained they were beaten up by police. One, Russell Broomhead, was shown on BBC news being beaten on the head by a police officer with a truncheon; another, David Bell, had a broken leg, which he said had been caused by police stamping on it. Arthur Critchlow had a fractured skull, blood running down his legs and into his shoes, and only received medical treatment after Peirce’s intervention on the day.

No police officer has ever been disciplined or charged with any offence arising out of Orgreave. However, 95 miners were charged with riot, which carried a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The trials all collapsed in July 1985, after defence questioning that had exposed police testimony at odds with the film of what happened, partially identical statements by different officers, officers saying they had had statements dictated to them, an allegedly forged signature by a police officer on a statement, and generally unconvincing police evidence in the witness box.

Michael Mansfield QC, who defended some of the accused miners, described it as “the biggest frame-up ever”.

In June 1991, without admitting liability, South Yorkshire police paid £425,000 to 39 miners who had sued for assault, wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution.

The force finally referred itself to the IPCC in November 2012, followingreporting about Orgreave by the Guardian and a BBC documentary. The IPCC said the referral contained “allegations of assault, perjury, perverting the course of justice and misconduct in a public office”.

The IPCC has for months since said that it might not be able to investigate if its predecessor body, the Police Complaints Authority, previously did so. However the IPCC has now confirmed the PCA received some complaints of assault by individual miners, but none about the police’s alleged fabrication of prosecution evidence.

Now, the IPCC said, “our task is to determine what matters remain that may require investigation, whether these matters are capable of investigation given the passage of time, and the resources that would be required”.

Chris Kitchen, the NUM general secretary, who is currently dealing with the loss of about 300 jobs when two of Britain’s last three deep coalmines, Thoresby and Kellingley, close next year, said of Orgreave: “The IPCC must investigate. Some of the men assaulted and falsely accused have had anger festering for 30 years. There is no time limit on injustice. Recognising the truth is part of a healing process.”

Mansfield said: “There was systemic police malpractice at Orgreave and elsewhere during the miners strike which has not been investigated. South Yorkshire Police referred itself. The IPCC has no excuse for further delay.”

On Sunday, Northumbria’s police and crime commissioner Vera Bairdtold the Observer the IPCC’s performance over Orgreave appeared so lamentable that she would rate its scoping assessment at “two-and-a-quarter” out of 10. “The IPCC is running out of time for trust to be sustained. One wants to have faith in the publicly established statutory organisation that investigates complaints against the police, but it’s impossible not to ask yourself: ‘What’s keeping them?'” she said.


South Yorkshire police and the Home Office declined to comment while the IPCC is considering the evidence.

Discontent within the labour camp!

In addition to my last story………my inbox has also received complaints from Councillors, Cabinet members, Labour Party staff and Labour Party members. And one common theme is popping up from all these different sources. That is that Labour needs to do something drastic to save themselves next year. A clear out of tired faces is needed to be had and particularly mentions of one Cllr indeed. That is Terry Sharman. The man has been on the council decades now and has become very lazy as he is comfortable with his setup. To quote one source from the council ‘Terry should call it a day. I mean come on if he was a horse he would have been put down by now.’ And that ladies and gentleman is the sentiment from Cllrs and Labour associates at the moment.


Lakin and Beck. Tag team!

So……….news in from the grapevine. Looks like mutiny appears to be happening in the Town Hall and Labour are in disarray. After the hit they took on election night and the raw fact that this terminal train does not stop at ‘Protest vote’ station……….the Earth has opened up and hell is exposed.

Taking full advantage of the fortuna (opportunity) are Dominic Beck and Paul Lakin, shame they lack the virtu (skills) (references to Machiavelli). Or up to no good as we would say here. Two cabinet members have contacted me and wish to stay anonymous………yes that is correct…..TWO cabinet members as well as a back-bencher. Some peoples antics are really starting to upset others and this is why they need to vent through our page. The case is this………….Dominic Beck is acting like the cock of the walk as to put it. As if he is too big for his boots. Many of his cabinet colleagues and back-benchers do not like the arrogance that he is emitting.

In addition, our sources tell us that on Tuesday Night Labour Group were in a meeting in the Town Hall with a regional director from the Labour Party to figure out what and why had happened and at least how to prevent it happening again. Sounds like a plan does it not? But that ain’t what happened. The regional director has got back to HQ to inform them that its terminal illness in Rotherham. For what they saw was not a Labour party that wants revenge, to fight, to comeback. No no no…..what they saw was disarray and fear. Councillors and the cabinet running around like headless chickens. Mass disorder and fear. Everybody running around on deck but no one actually steering the ship. Roger Stone off on his jollys. But cometh the hour cometh the man….. lightweight Cllr Lakin stood up to give a speech. Will this be the leadership we need was the question everybody was asking themselves in their head moments before he opened his gob. Cllr Lakin managed (despite his very nervous exterior) to speak for a whole minute and a half. The room’s expectations dropped like a lead balloon. It was by far the most un-inspiring, un-motivating, un-intelligent speech given to any crowd throughout history. A total failure was shown on leadership. For his minute and a half of glory…………Cllr Lakin was sweaty, nervous, shaky and totally bottled it. Our sources question his ability to lead the group as not only has he shown weakness at this event but in the recent past where he had to get other Cllr’s to attend a public consultation with him for ‘backup’ because he was a tad bit ‘scared’. As much as we do not particularly like UKIP, they must be lapping their lips up at this situation. A photo was smuggled out of this event of Cllr Lakin addressing the crowd (Below):

Stage Fright

Adding to this further is a comment left by an insider within the Town Hall who goes by the name of The Phantom of the Town Hall. They left this comment on rothpols page and messaged it to our team as well. Here it is:

‘Newly appointed cabinet member Dominic Beck
Greedy boy that he is
morally promiscuous as well
Was meant to stand down from his job at Rotherham & Barnsley Chamber of Commerce
But the money tastes too good
Now he keeps his job
As well as the role of cabinet member
Not just any role
Cabinet member for Business Growth & Regeneration
The Earth shall crumble
Beneath the feet of the material obsessed
Be careful little boy
Someone may just go and question the validity of your interests.

It does not stop there
Greed appears to know no boundaries with Beck of Wales
We appear to have our very own Robert Catesby and Guy Fawkes
Not the gunpowder plot but the Rotherham leader plot
Beck and Lakin have met every single day whilst Roger is away
Roger tans his derriere in France
Whilst Lakin and Beck map out devious plots
Whilst they have been developing their plan
They wipe their daggers up and down with a silk cloth
For soon they shall be implanted in Rogers back’

So… would appear that Cllr Beck is keeping his job at the Chamber of Commerce. And he holds the Cabinet position of Business Growth and Regeneration. Surely there has to be a clash of interests here. Even if this lubes itself with in the rules it has to be morally redundant? Plenty of backhanders will be exchanged through this I can see.

In addition……..Lakin and Beck are plotting? Whether this is true or not our sources do inform us that they have indeed been meeting everyday whilst Roger is abroad. Roger knows his days are numbered and he is loosing the plot. Thinking his main challenge comes from Cllr S Ellis….he has gone all the way to sweeten her up by giving her the chair of the pensions authority…..a nice £6000 per year. But whilst his eyes are fixated on her the Beck and Lakin tag team are going in for the kill?



In addition to this