Lakin and Beck. Tag team!

So……….news in from the grapevine. Looks like mutiny appears to be happening in the Town Hall and Labour are in disarray. After the hit they took on election night and the raw fact that this terminal train does not stop at ‘Protest vote’ station……….the Earth has opened up and hell is exposed.

Taking full advantage of the fortuna (opportunity) are Dominic Beck and Paul Lakin, shame they lack the virtu (skills) (references to Machiavelli). Or up to no good as we would say here. Two cabinet members have contacted me and wish to stay anonymous………yes that is correct…..TWO cabinet members as well as a back-bencher. Some peoples antics are really starting to upset others and this is why they need to vent through our page. The case is this………….Dominic Beck is acting like the cock of the walk as to put it. As if he is too big for his boots. Many of his cabinet colleagues and back-benchers do not like the arrogance that he is emitting.

In addition, our sources tell us that on Tuesday Night Labour Group were in a meeting in the Town Hall with a regional director from the Labour Party to figure out what and why had happened and at least how to prevent it happening again. Sounds like a plan does it not? But that ain’t what happened. The regional director has got back to HQ to inform them that its terminal illness in Rotherham. For what they saw was not a Labour party that wants revenge, to fight, to comeback. No no no…..what they saw was disarray and fear. Councillors and the cabinet running around like headless chickens. Mass disorder and fear. Everybody running around on deck but no one actually steering the ship. Roger Stone off on his jollys. But cometh the hour cometh the man….. lightweight Cllr Lakin stood up to give a speech. Will this be the leadership we need was the question everybody was asking themselves in their head moments before he opened his gob. Cllr Lakin managed (despite his very nervous exterior) to speak for a whole minute and a half. The room’s expectations dropped like a lead balloon. It was by far the most un-inspiring, un-motivating, un-intelligent speech given to any crowd throughout history. A total failure was shown on leadership. For his minute and a half of glory…………Cllr Lakin was sweaty, nervous, shaky and totally bottled it. Our sources question his ability to lead the group as not only has he shown weakness at this event but in the recent past where he had to get other Cllr’s to attend a public consultation with him for ‘backup’ because he was a tad bit ‘scared’. As much as we do not particularly like UKIP, they must be lapping their lips up at this situation. A photo was smuggled out of this event of Cllr Lakin addressing the crowd (Below):

Stage Fright

Adding to this further is a comment left by an insider within the Town Hall who goes by the name of The Phantom of the Town Hall. They left this comment on rothpols page and messaged it to our team as well. Here it is:

‘Newly appointed cabinet member Dominic Beck
Greedy boy that he is
morally promiscuous as well
Was meant to stand down from his job at Rotherham & Barnsley Chamber of Commerce
But the money tastes too good
Now he keeps his job
As well as the role of cabinet member
Not just any role
Cabinet member for Business Growth & Regeneration
The Earth shall crumble
Beneath the feet of the material obsessed
Be careful little boy
Someone may just go and question the validity of your interests.

It does not stop there
Greed appears to know no boundaries with Beck of Wales
We appear to have our very own Robert Catesby and Guy Fawkes
Not the gunpowder plot but the Rotherham leader plot
Beck and Lakin have met every single day whilst Roger is away
Roger tans his derriere in France
Whilst Lakin and Beck map out devious plots
Whilst they have been developing their plan
They wipe their daggers up and down with a silk cloth
For soon they shall be implanted in Rogers back’

So… would appear that Cllr Beck is keeping his job at the Chamber of Commerce. And he holds the Cabinet position of Business Growth and Regeneration. Surely there has to be a clash of interests here. Even if this lubes itself with in the rules it has to be morally redundant? Plenty of backhanders will be exchanged through this I can see.

In addition……..Lakin and Beck are plotting? Whether this is true or not our sources do inform us that they have indeed been meeting everyday whilst Roger is abroad. Roger knows his days are numbered and he is loosing the plot. Thinking his main challenge comes from Cllr S Ellis….he has gone all the way to sweeten her up by giving her the chair of the pensions authority…..a nice £6000 per year. But whilst his eyes are fixated on her the Beck and Lakin tag team are going in for the kill?



In addition to this


2 thoughts on “Lakin and Beck. Tag team!

  1. Colin

    If true this is awful. The Labour Party needs to be united to expose the clueless UKIP but how the heck can they do that if they are playing silly games with each other!


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