Discontent within the labour camp!

In addition to my last story………my inbox has also received complaints from Councillors, Cabinet members, Labour Party staff and Labour Party members. And one common theme is popping up from all these different sources. That is that Labour needs to do something drastic to save themselves next year. A clear out of tired faces is needed to be had and particularly mentions of one Cllr indeed. That is Terry Sharman. The man has been on the council decades now and has become very lazy as he is comfortable with his setup. To quote one source from the council ‘Terry should call it a day. I mean come on if he was a horse he would have been put down by now.’ And that ladies and gentleman is the sentiment from Cllrs and Labour associates at the moment.



One thought on “Discontent within the labour camp!

  1. Anonymous

    Lets have a clear out. If we can not get some fresh faces and decent policies then we might as well pull the trigger.


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