So who are your UKIP representatives?

Seen as Rothpol1 will avoid scrutinizing the local kippers and their representatives like he would avoid a warm soapy bath I thought it best that we have a first look here. I shall give a brief overview of those elected and any further information or comments on this would be deeply appreciated:

Dinnington – Cllr Ian Finnie


A man of of impeccable structure, that is he best resembles a Hobbit. This man loves his ale and the pub too. This is where he conducted his election campaign………in the pub. Word on the street in Dinnington is that his associates and extended family have sympathies for the BNP but this is just hearsay at the moment. Lets see how he improves Dinnington.

Hellaby – Cllr J Turner


Ex-Tory Councillor for the same seat. He is around 84, not exact sure of age but it is something close to that figure. I mean come on………the man is so old his memory is in black and white which could go some way in explaining his ‘casual’ racist outbursts. Just this election it had surfaced that he had told a voter on the doorstep that he thinks he will win because the Tory candidate was ‘black’. As far as fruitcakes go…this one is one of the more nutty varietys. Nobody really expects him to do much but take his Cllr allowance and ‘perv’ on his vulnerable constituents.

Keppel – Cllr Dave Cutts


Son of the barmpot Brian Cutts (Ex-Tory Cllr now UKIP). Supposedly lives on a Farm. Very representative. His dad issued a leaflet which caught local media’s attention for its bizarre and borderline hated of minorities during the election. Dave Cutts seems to a bit uncomfortable of his UKIP colleagues though to say the least and he has made his feelings of detest towards some of his team mates known around the local grapevine. Lets wait and see if he defects as he seems to be unable to tolerate some of his fellow Kipper Councillors.

Rawmarsh – Cllr C Vines

cavey gimli

Cllr Vines. The first elected Kipper. Paved the way for his fellow fruitcakes. Wentworth and Dearne PPC. BNP and EDL connections? Islamaphobe? Mystical dwarf lookalike? Who knows!

Rotherham West – Cllr Maureen Vines


Maureen Vines who is married to Caven Vines. They say opposites attract. You know….like a Victoria Sponge and a Black Forest Gateau or a traybake and a cupcake but it seems like in this marriage there is two fruitcakes. Maureen seems to be the dominant one in the marriage though as she is a significant size bigger than lickle Caven. But what is more worrying is that when asked on ITV’s Calender (shortly after the election) what she would do for the local people she could not find two brain-cells to rub together and her faced paused in confusion. Caven Vines had to interrupt to save face.

Silverwood – Cllr M Parker


Ex-Tory Cllr for Wickersley ward. Now UKIP. Starting to see a trend happening here, don’t you? Extremely lazy the last time round and is expected to be this time round. He still ‘likes’ David Cameron and the Conservatives on his Facebook. Lets see if his fellow kippers like that.

Sitwell – Cllr A Cowles

cow bat

The guy who has a feature in the tiser every week complaining about something or nothing. It would be ok if his letters were not boring as himself. The UKIP PPC for Rother Valley. Bat lookalike? What are his views ? How will he be able to take on the EU as a Councillor.

Valley – Cllr Kath Reeder


Kath Reeder, the small little woman on the front left with dyed Ginger hair. A one issue woman. Having campaigned for the Herringthorpe playing fields she has no clue (like the other kippers) on local Government. She has ‘liked’ racist and Islamaphobic material on facebook too:

Wingfield – Cllr L Hunter

No Photo available If you can supply one then please do.

Not much known about this man but that he actually lives on the opposite end of the borough to where his ward is and that he has no connections? If you know more on him then please let us know.


So………What surprises me is that the vast majority of the UKIP cllrs have their address registered as the Town Hall. Now there is nothing wrong with this but it was a technique adopted by Tory Cllrs Donaldson and Mannion. They held no surgeries and used the Town hall as a contact address as they did not want to be ‘bothered’.

I wish to now give an open invitation to these UKIP Cllrs to inform our readers on what they actually are going to do and what they want to change. Have they got the guts to speak up?



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