A note on the current state of affairs at rothpol.

Just a quick note on  the current state of affairs over at rothpol HQ aka Queens street Swinton. Now this is not just me saying this, it is the talk of the Town. That rothpol and his blog in nothing more than than a ‘whore house‘ where the local kippers come and unload their ‘steam’ and then parade off with a cheeky little smile on their face. Anyone who dares to come in and question this status quo gets kicked out the door by gang-bang style reception.

Seriously though, if anyone reads the comic that is rothpol then it would be clear to you the extreme shift rothpol has taken over the last year or so and this has worsened with the recent election. Rik thinks UKIP’s relative success gives him the legitimacy to shut the discontenters up like R Symonds, Dale Cooper and S K Taylor. A perfect example would just be this recent thread:


They might think very little of this blog but they seem to be so intoxicated and blinded their loopy right wing orgy fest that anything else is not worth and recognition. Ha!


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