UKIP announces two of three Parliamentary candidates. Questionable?

UKIP have announced two of three Parliamentary candidates in the last few days. And it is certainly questionable. Are UKIP going for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the three Rotherham Constituencies? Because they certainly have the Bad and the Ugly in these two (Below):

Rotherham Constituency

Nothing confirmed as of yet but if you know something then please get in contact.

Rother Valley Constituency

The infamous Batman. Rotherham Batman. No no no not the actual batman but the man that looks like a bat. See below:

cow bat

Yes that is correct…Allen Cowles. The man who has a feature in the Tiser every Friday telling us how big and bad the EU is. Boo bloody hoo. He shall be standing against the incumbent Sir Kevin Barron. What amazes me about Cowles is how hierarchy plays into this. Because he speaks ‘proper’, middle class, and basically is xenophobic in an articulate way then he is acceptable. Yet if he was of the working or lower classes with his xenophobic views then he would be the EDL or BNP. Amazing how xenophobia is acceptable when served on a middle class tray.

Wentworth and Dearne 

Here’s one for Lord of the Rings fans. Gimli out of the popular series is standing in Wentworth and Dearne against the incumbent John Healey MP. Well it is not actually the real Gimli but rather a convincing lookalike (below):

cavey gimli

Yes that is correct. Mystical Dwarf lookalike Caven Vines is UKIP’s trophy man in the Dearne. So it would appear that if you vote UKIP in Wentworth and Dearne then you get BNP.



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