Selective Rothpol!

So………Rothpol does an article about the Labour 2015 cohort and uses this description:

‘Unless Labour decides to dump their own dinosaurs, this is the list of sitting Labour Councillors who will be up for re-election/voting out next May’

So he may have a valid point about ‘Dinosaurs’ and those leaving the comments thinks so too (If they are not all Rik using different pseudonyms). But this all about context here. Rothpol only mentions the Labour candidates. What about the UKIP candidates? I know the list might not be produced yet but do you think he will give the UKIP candidates such a damming description? This is Rothpol’s continuation of using his blog as an anti-Labour, anti-BME, anti-debate and discussion platform for some right characters to shout their rhetoric. I mean come on…….he at least use to try and hide his prejudices and bias by giving some form of balance to  his blog. It is now so blatantly obvious that the only two voices on there who dare to question the status quo are shutdown like a failing small business. Those two are Robin Symonds and Sally Kate Taylor. Has Rik become the local UKIP’s rentboy?


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