The Scurrilous Rik!

So I had a comment left by Mr Abdul Razaq which I decided not to approve because it is full of unfound, slanderous and libelous content. My article on Mr Razaq was factually correct bar that he is no longer a member of the Lib Dems. As usual he is assumes a certain cllr is behind this blog and therefore goes onto make these slanderous and libelous comments directed towards him. Yet the fact is that Rik knows who is behind this blog but is too embarrassed of my identity.

I emailed Mr Razaq a reply saying that I could not publish his comment without reasonable evidence because to do so without evidence would leave me open to a law suit. Yet the dumbnut that is Rik publishes this comment. So let me make one thing clear, you bunch of dimwits make all the libelous and personal attacks you want on anyone but don’t call my blog scurrilous for not publishing such slander which could land me in court. Rik and his grooming apologist friend need to read up on the law before they go and do such acts. It is in fact his blog that is scurrilous, so the cheek of this statement reeks. His blog has become a whole sort of home of personal attacks, racial prejudice and character assassinations. Yet I produce the real news around here. A new level of stupidity has been reached by the borough idiots. Good luck answering for yourselves. dipshits. Excuse my french!


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