Lucifer’s blessing!

Well it would appear that Lucifer has gave his blessing of fire in regards to tomorrows elections. Under the alias of Sue Dinum; local lunatic Peter Thirlwall states this:

‘What have the electorate got to loose by voting UKIP. UKIP cannot take control of the council in just one years elections and a good result for UKIP may encourage the labour group to start acting responsibly and represent the electorate for once. With the exception of Sue Ellis, non of the labour candidates are worth a toss. Lets hope however that Sue is not collateral damage in these elections.’

So the man with no balls thinks none of the Labour Candidates are worth a toss bar Cllr Ellis? Hmmm, makes me wonder……….what is it with delinquents and trash statements? Now let it be said that RPt2 fully backs Cllr Ellis because she is far the better candidate in Wickersley, by all means ancient, racist, sexist dinosaurs like the UKIP candidate have no place in public office. But what we would like to question is this; why has incompetent Mr Thirlwall saved but one Labour Cllr the wrath of his pig like tounge? Is he friends with the said Cllr? I mean there are rumors of friendship here? Both look like something out of Midsomer Murders. A slight crush on Mr Thirlwall’s behalf?

Moreover, what this illustrates to us is the ill-informed ignorant attitude loony Pete and associates have towards candidates. Not surprising though he is associated with the ministry of truth aka rothpol. After consecutive electoral defeats, Mr Thirlwall is a shattered soul, his whole entity is riddled with defeat and failure. I mean, when Thirlwall and co spout their bile on their little blog and immediately reach a consensus, they foolishly mistake this as being a borough wide consensus. They spend too much time in their houses and their bubbles that their view of the world becomes distorted. I mean, I have to pity the man; kicked in the ballots every time when he had some sort of self messiah complex just to realize that outside of rothpol, no one cares what he has to say.

More on Loony Pete here:


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