Grooming apologist’s cheek!

So it would appear that grooming apologist Abdul Razaq (father of child groomers Razwan Razaq and Umar Razaq) has found a warm nest in rothpol. Keep it classy Rik, the company you are starting to keep looks more suspicious than the late Michael Jackson. Acting as a concerned citizen, Abdul Razaq is frequently posting on rothpol about accusations of corruption and everything dodgy. Yet this is the man that raised two child groomers, the man that then went onto become a grooming apologist by defending his rancid sons by claiming the 13 year old victim was to blame as she had enticed his sons to carry out the rape. Mr Razaq would do well to put down the stones when his house of glass looks so delicate.

Moreover, Mr Razaq is a member of the Liberal Democrats……all together now = HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. One would think he would chose his words and ways of expression more carefully, I mean his party can’t afford to bring such a shady character to surface now. Below Mr Razaq, Lib Dem activist? Lib Dem candidate? (furthest left in pic):


Shall we remind you of Abdul Razaq’s family achievements? Go on then:

A black cab driver, he spends his days on the road dreaming of grandeur and status. A dreamer would be the appropriate term. It is common knowledge in the Kashmiri community that he applied for a mangers job at the Unity centre which he now so resents. Having no experience or relative qualifications, he was given a resounding no. I’m not sure what his expectations were considering his complete lack of skills but you can’t blame a man for dreaming eh? I mean, lets have some sympathy for the bloke, maybe his anger has a deep meta-narrative to it. They do say bitterness is invisible to the eye of the beholder. A complete failure in Politics? A complete failure in pursuing his ambitions? A complete failure through his sons actions?


For more on this dodgy character:


2 thoughts on “Grooming apologist’s cheek!

  1. Jimmy Greenwood

    If a man brings up his children a good moral code and sets a good example by them it is not a guarantee that his children will keep from doing evil. It only helps to let them see what is right and what is wrong. Having said that if it is indeed true that he made excuses for his sons by implying it was the child’s thought and not theirs then that is inexcusable.

  2. Colin

    I don’t know how the grooming father has the cheek to show his face in public never mind lecturing the rest of us on morals.

    By all accounts this is a very unpleasant chap. Was he also investigated by the police ? If not then maybe he should be because if he thinks his sons didn’t do anything wrong then might have been involved in such heinous activities ?


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