The wheels are starting to come off!

So……the leader of the UKIP party; Nigel Farage gave this car crash interview with LBC’s James O’Brien. Mr O’Brien tears Farage to pieces and shows us directly that once you actually question UKIP instead of propping them up, they have no backbone.

Apart from not being able to match the interviewers presence, Mr Farage claims to Mr O’Brien ‘you know what the difference is’ when asked what is the difference between living next door to Germans or Romanians. This insinuation has without dispute racial and prejudice connotations embedded in it. Click to 14:40 in to get to this point:

Moreover, UKIP spin doctor Patrick O’Flynn tries to halt the proceeding of the interview. To any Politician of any persuasion out there…….This is how NOT to conduct an interview. Below is a picture of Nigel Farage after this car crash of an interview:



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