Sally Kate Taylor tells it how it is!

Thanks to one of my sources for this one. Click on the image and it is pretty much self-explanatory. The Respect Party aka the George Galloway appreciation society like fighting elections but where are they in between them???



3 thoughts on “Sally Kate Taylor tells it how it is!

  1. Colin

    Sally has hit the nail on the head. Galloway stands for Galloway. He is the classic con man who charms the pants off everyone until people get close to him and then the mask slips as happened when the great Salma Yaqoob saw the real Galloway and left the Party.

    Now we hear Yevonne Ridley has done a bunk to Scotland. Can the believe our ” sister Yevonne ” has left us.

    Galloway is a snake oil salesman who will tell the audience what they want to hear. Just look at who his mates are and were. Sadam Hussain and Assad Basharat. Two of the most evil dictators of recent years.

    Thank god the people of Rotherham booted Respect back to Bradford and beyond.

  2. Malik_The_Man

    The problem with respect is this, they had the potential to be a great party but apart from playing division politics, George Galloway has made the party in a tool for his ego. The Bradford five Cllrs left and so did the good sisters Kate Hudson and Salma Yaqoob. Hopefully people will see behind this masquerade.

  3. Jimmy Greenwood

    I feel sorry for the Rotherham Candidates……….. they seem so in love with the false prophet of the left that they subconsciously ignore the insults to women, the threats, abuse, the racial hatred and downright criminal activities of those officials within the ever emaciated group of Dis Respect die hard’s. When these two young ladies fall by the political wayside; I sincerely hope they bother to open their eyes wide and see the truth of a party designed to be only but one thing and that is a vehicle for the ever crazed ego of George Galloway the Jester of brutal dictators. How could someone end up his promising career sooooo cheaply!


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