Racial Bias? That would be the Respect Party!

Respect have always played to the hearts of vulnerable Muslims, in particular the Pakistani communities. This has been evident in George Galloway sending leaflets around Bradford stating ‘Allah knows who is good Muslim and who is not’ etc. There is a whole list of evidence out there which supports this as well as it being common knowledge. But it would appear that the supporters of the Respect Party in Rotherham acknowledge this Racial bias. One of the parties supporters in Rotherham left this quotation on Rothpol in support of one of the candidates:

‘You are a fresh air for the asain community.


Firstly, it would be helpful if they could spell Asian correctly. But moreover, this only goes further to reiterate that the Respect Party are presumably only interested in representing the Muslim Pakistani community. they might not say this themselves, which they have not but all their devout supporters do. So, this leaves the white British, White European, Black, Roma and any other race left without representation? This would be the ultimate conclusion from that statement. That a Vote for Respect is a vote for one racial sub-group but every other racial group will be left  and disregarded?

This is a serious question because all that I can see is a political playing field that is dominated by divisive parties with divisive politics. We have the Respect party who presumably are interested in only representing the Asian community and we have UKIP interested in only representing the indigenous White Middle Class community. Whatever problems we may face, these divisive politics can not be the answer.




One thought on “Racial Bias? That would be the Respect Party!

  1. Malik_The_Man

    I agree with this. Much respect for my sisters standing but as a whole, i do not want to be separated from my white, brown or black brothers and sisters in my ward by the division politics that is pursued by the Respect party and the racist UKIP. Inshallah


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