EDl, BNP, UKIP and Britain First – A nest full of worms!

Far right groups and fascists have always been present in the United Kingdom, that sadly is a fact. Whether it be the Blackshirts led by Oswald Mosley or the National Front, they are sadly there. However, what we can be proud of is that the majority of us in this country are good people who not only say no to these fascists groups but also actively fight them. We the British people fought Hitler (a hell of a lot more than the Americans did), we fought the national front and we fought the Blackshirts on Cable street. We won, and we are still here today, they’re not. Well not the same groups at least, they do however morph into something different. Instead of the Nazi’s, Blackshirts and NF, we now have the EDL, BNP, UKIP and Britain First.

Firstly we have the BNP, an odious group of Nazi wannabe’s. Openly racist and fascist. The BNP however is not the biggest threat, they perhaps had the potential to be so but what they were lacking was brainpower. The BNP has seen a rapid demise over recent years, all over the country and here in Rotherham. They are virtually non-existent on a local level, well, that’s if you exclude the kate moss look-a-like Marlene Guest. Here is a story from the BNP website about their thoughts on Cllr Caven Vines:


Secondly, The EDL. What can we say about the EDL apart from them being a group of tattooed drunkards? A group of misfits who are clearly not educated enough on anything they stand against. Muslamic ray guns come to mind. A movement of like minded folk who like to go to Towns and cities across the UK and bully the local populace whilst desecrating the St George’s flag with their sheer stupidity.Here is more info about the EDL:


Thirdly, UKIP. We’ll keep it short on UKIP as we have covered much on them but they at least deserve to go on this list as they truly are wormed into this nest of fascists. UKIP are the acceptable face of fascism. Not much at all separates UKIP from these other groups apart from their clothing and accents. They brag to be the only party to exclude members from the BNP and other hate groups from signing up, what they won’t tell you is that this is because these sort of people all flock to join UKIP and not the other parties. UKIP came out recently to state that they are not a racist party, to prove this Nigel Farage organised a photo shoot of himself with a few BME candidates:


And days later the BME poster girl (Sanya Jeet-Thandi) of UKIP had this to say about the party:


Lastly, Britain First. Newest group on the block, Basically, the EDL in uniform. Set up by Paul Golding; an ex communications officer for the BNP. Britain First is on the streets, although the size of their active members are quite small. Like the EDL they are extremely against the worlds second largest religion, Islam,  but as usual it appears to stem from racial and cultural prejudices. A group of right wing protestant extremists. Again, people who act more like the Devil in the name of God. What is worrying is that they have over 300,000 likes on Facebook in which they take advantage of by purposely make up fabricated and ‘spinned’ material, which then ordinary members of the public share, not knowing that a bunch of racists are twisting the facts. Here is more on Paul Golding and Britain First:




What I would say is that these groups, like our forefathers did, need to continue to be fought every time they show their ugly heads. That is what happened last week on Saturday  and we shall overcome this internal evil. Educate, antagonize and organize people.



2 thoughts on “EDl, BNP, UKIP and Britain First – A nest full of worms!

  1. Robin Symonds

    Good, informative article this. We need to build a Rotherham-wide coalition against all these groups.

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      I sincerley agree Mr Symonds. Like you had stated before, the vast majority of people on the ant-EDL demo were Rotherham folk, I also have been informed of this by 3 others. We as a Town have a proud tradition of fighting Nazi’s and i’m sure the next time they come round we will have made a stronger resistance.


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