Cllr Vines and his connections?

So…….On a thread on Rothpol called EDL Demo: Where were you? , something caught my attention. Robin Symonds question to be precise, which after reading it made me think further about his point. Here is the thread:

And here is Mr Symonds point:

‘It’s a good point you make about UKIP not being vocal against the EDL, especially when EDL members were chanting UKIP at the demonstration and Tommy Robinson says they are saying the same thing buit in a different way.
I was pleased when Caven Vines voted to support the emergency motion condemning the EDL and telling them they’re not welcome in our town. However, it is a sad fact that whilst most Rotherham publicans demonstrated their support for the Council’s policy of telling the EDL they aren’t welcome by keeping their doors closed until after the demonstration, one pub – the Queens at Rawmarsh welcomed the EDL with open arms (and ringing tills). The EDL publicised the fact that they would be allowed to drink in the Queens in advance on their facebook page so it would appear there had been some liaison between the EDL and the pub.
Now, I can’t help but point to the elephant in the room. The ONLY pub in the whole borough that is known to have welcomed the EDL is in the ONLY ward in the borough that has a UKIP councillor. Of course I’m not blaming Cllr Vines or suggesting that he was in any way involved in the pub’s decision to let the EDL drink there but I think it is indicative of how the election of right wing politicians gives confidence to others in the constituency to openly support groups like the EDL..
I would be interested to hear Cllr Vines’ views on the matter and whether he has a message to the publican who welcomed the EDL to his ward. I’m sure he won’t want the Queens to become known as an EDL pub (in his own back yard).’

A very well spotted observation by Mr Symonds. The fact that whilst publicans showed unity by shutting down for the EDL demo (in which, supporting the councils condemnation of the EDL’s presence) one pub remained open. Not only staying open but the fact that they would be open for the EDL being posted on EDL networks beforehand. Only one conclusion can be reached, that the Queens Pub in Rawmarsh colluded with EDL beforehand. This is that very statement from the Networks page:

‘there’s been some late changes to tomorrows demo details.
we with Rotherham borough council having meetings with their licensing department and all the local licensees within a couple of miles within Rotherham town centre.
they have forced every pub to close for the duration of the e.d.l’s visit to Rotherham.
this was only announced to us at 9.00 am Thursday morning and I have spent the whole of the last 2 days trying to sort this.
I have managed to sort a pub for all those traveling by car, coach and mini bus
the queens hotel,
kilns road
S62 5QN
this will be available from 11.00am
its too far out for those traveling by train to get to, but all ive managed to sort for those is a sheltered area near the muster point where they will be able to gather and have a drink, sorry its not a pub and believe me I have tried my hardest to get one.
everything was sorted and in place all the way up to Rotherham council playing cunts games with us.
all previous details are as before.
muster point is at the side of the county pub, bridge street, Rotherham
1.00pm (no later)
march route is excellent and un changed
demo and speeches in all saints square
with it due to finish at 3.00 pm
again I can only apologise for the shit tricks played by the Rotherham council (we have tried our hardest to sort it) and I have promised we will return on a very regular basis to show they will not silence us and the next demo they will see will be directed at the pocket Nazi’s in the council.
can all R.O’s pass the info on to all needed and don’t put the pub address on public forums. I don’t want the council trying to fuck us over again tonight.
its still gonna be a cracking demo and we have even more reason to shove it up Rotherham councils arse now
IAN (B)’

And here is the EDL in the Queens Pub in Rawmarsh:

raw raw1

Mr Symonds point needs to be recognized, the only pub in the borough to openly welcome the EDL happens to be in the only ward with a UKIP Cllr; Cllr Caven Vines! Now Mr Symonds makes no accusations or connections betweeen the two. But his point is valid. Cllr Vines may have voted with the council on their anti-EDL motion but some might say that was to save face. What are Cllr Caven Vine’s views on the EDL? How does he feel about them being so welcomed in his ward?

After all, we think clarification on Cllr Vines’s behalf is needed. To fully stamp out any vagueness and confusion on the matter and distance himself and his party from the EDL. After all, as Mr Symonds states; the EDL that day were shouting their support for UKIP. Moreover, the EDL seem to like UKIP. Below:

So the EDL might like your party and your local watering hole Cllr Vines but do you like the EDL. An early response would be best to stamp on the issue once and for all because this wouldn’t be the first time would it Cllr? Here the BNP thinks you are one of them:

So please answer my questions below before the EDL follow the BNP and claim that you are one of them.

1) Do you support the EDL?

2) Do you support the EDL drinking at the Queens Pub in Rawmarsh?

3) Do you agree that the Queens Pub in Rawmarsh should have welcomed the EDL?

4) Will you be letting the Queens Pub in Rawmarsh know whether you supported or did not support this action?



One thought on “Cllr Vines and his connections?

  1. Sohib Mir (@WatchingDaWorld)

    I believe the UKIP Councillor Vines should answer these questions as this video clearly shows that the EDL are still happy to give Nazi Salutes. A despicable insult to all our lads that died to fight against a political and militarized system that not only cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of combatants but also millions of Jews, Gypsies, Communists and other Christian faith groups that opposed them whether by the sword or in a peacefull way


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