UKIP poster girl leaves party over racism!

UKIP’s BME ‘poster girl’ Sanya-Jeet Thandi quits the party after citing racism. The young British lady, of Indian heritage, has become somewhat the face of BME UKIP. She has previously been given lots of air time so UKIP can stick two fingers up and say ‘We’re not racist Guvnor! She has quit UKIP to do with claims of Racism. Here is Guido Fawkes take on it:

And here is Sanya’s article:

And here is Sanya in recent coverage from C4:

Another nail in the coffin for poor UKIP? The problem is…..UKIP despise being called racist, my advice would be…..stop being racist, that might work!


3 thoughts on “UKIP poster girl leaves party over racism!

  1. Colin

    The wheels are defo coming off the bus. As time goes on people will realise that UKIP only offers isolation, devision and selfishness. They are a party for the rich and the privileged

  2. Malik_ The_Man

    Oh deary deary me. I remember Sanya on a documentary that I watched about UKIP and their youth wing. Just thank the lord that she has seen through their true colours. Ukip showing us more and more each day how vile they truly are.


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