Rotherham Respect undermined once again by loose cannon!

So…it would appear that a Omar Mehban, which I believe to be the Conservative candidate for Hellaby ward if my memory serves me right; has shared this little gem! Below:

Here we can see that A man named Shaykh Umair Hussain is advocating for intolerant extreme ideas as well as using offensive language. Is this the same man who was seen flying the Al Qaeda/Jihad flag in Sheffield. Any further information on this nutcase would be deeply appreciated.

Moreover, His strong association with the local Rotherham Respect Party is detrimental on their behalf. it would be best for the local Respect Party to disassociate themselves with him ASAP to save face.

Lastly, hopefully we can find out more about this individual but we do wonder also about the above tweeting by Tory candidate Omar Mehban. He had sent this tweeting to Rothpol only a few days ago yet rothpol has ignored it outright. Scrutiny of this character and his ties with the local Respect Party are not worthy near a time of election eh? Of course Rik does not want any distractions, stick to the agenda boyo!


2 thoughts on “Rotherham Respect undermined once again by loose cannon!

  1. True Brit

    I remember this prat during the bye- election, he was a very active member of the Respect Party.

    It’s no wonder Yevonne Ridley has run off to Scotland with idiots like this silly milkshake going around trying to start some sort of a race war.

    I think he should be locked up in a padded room until he gets better.

  2. Colin

    The comments attributed to the mad shake are so stupid, even by Respect standards. We urgently need George Galloway to publicly distance himself from this dangerous incitement.


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