Jimmy lifts the lid on Respect’s dirty tactics!

A special thank you to contributor Jimmy Greenwood for sharing this article.

‘Respect take action over ‘malicious’ fake account’http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/11194743.Respect_take_action_over__malicious__fake_Twitter_account/  or did they?


Comments from Respect4BfD included: “STOP THIS NONSENSE SILLY LITTLE BOY. Stick ur1vote where the sun don’t shine.” as well as “run along Zionist Jew Tramp”.  Respect officials yesterday told the Telegraph & Argus that the account was nothing to do with the party and that it was “obviously malicious”.Ron McKay, Respect National Secretary and advisor to Mr Galloway, has contacted the police over the matter.  In an e-mail to report the matter to police, he said: “I am sending this e-mail to you about what seems to me may involve hate crime.   It is in reference to a Twitter account called @Respect4bfd (Ron Mckay for your information it is @Respect4Bfd) which has absolutely nothing to do with the Respect party but is being passed off as such.   You will see the level of abuse for yourself and it does seem to me that some of it may be illegal.” http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/11194743.Respect_take_action_over__malicious__fake_Twitter_account/

Totally agree with you there Ron Mckay the level of abuse is most certainly illegal.  Being that it is Race Hate comments and Anti-Semitic.  Now who would ever consider that the Respect Party would ever be Anti-Semitic!

He added: “As you will see, it appears to be a bona fide site, and is intended to be. As you will know, no doubt, it is almost impossible to persuade Twitter to take these kind of vile sites down, and if you do, another springs up in its place.” http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/11194743.Respect_take_action_over__malicious__fake_Twitter_account/

“It is certainly designed to be helpful to the Labour party principally, in these current elections,” he continued. “I can’t begin to convey my disgust at yet another of these dirty tricks. There are some sick people out there.”http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/11194743.Respect_take_action_over__malicious__fake_Twitter_account/

For Ron Mckay with his boss MP George Galloway (Bradford West) to come to the conclusion that if the Twitter identity @Respect4Bfd is not an official Bradford Respect Twitter I.D.  and therefore it is not in any way connected to the Respect Party, then to argue as he has could seem fair to a certain extent.  Though to blame the Labour Party for such a twitter I.D. is rather naughty to say the least.

So should we smell a rat knowing the track record of Ron Mckay and his boss MP George Galloway?

The Telegraph and Argos were very soft in their reporting of the incident.  After all it was remiss of them not to question another incident to Ron Mckay.  George Galloway’s close friend and Bradford Respect Parties infamous activist Amar Rafiq @_AM4R_ ; of whom within a few days to the @Respect4Bfd abuse and anti-Semitic racial attack, also used similar anti-Semitic wording to attack the same individual (see below):


Before George Galloway denies any close relationship to this individual, I would like to remind Galloway he invited Amar Rafiq to his London Wedding of his latest wife (if at the time of press this is still his latest wife of course).  Mr Galloway I am sure you cannot get closer to Amar Rafiq as a friend than that, now can you!


Above we see the @Respect4Bfd twitter I.D. that has been operating for two years.  Also the race hates crime comment.


In fact it can be argued that this is an official twitter I.D. of the Bradford Respect after all the twitter i.d. had no issue involving @GeorgeGalloway (until a denial comes along, we can presume this is the official twitter I.D. of the real MP George Galloway) or @DavidHumphreysA Alias Yousaf Bradford Respect Party Solicitor and @am4r1 Amar Rafiq (Amar is so good at multi-tasking he loves multi accounts (as does Alias Yousaf @raymonddelauney)) in its direct tweets and conversations.  (See image above)

Now after the incident of the newspaper article in the Telegraph and Argus of ‘Respect take action over ‘malicious’ fake Twitter account’ by Jo Winrow, the @Respect4Bfd account went quiet but not for long.  Then the excuses came and guess what:


(Really you got hacked NO WAY!  How sad OH Well, Never Mind!)

Then the next communication came of which was almost in line with the argument from Ron McKay that it was not an Official Bradford Respect Party account.  The user of Respect4Bfd stated:


Ah right then @Respect4Bfd was ‘hacked’ and now they have the password back (eh?) and we are not official but only supporters.  Problem solved then.  However it is not as simple as that because someone is telling porkies (see below):


So now we have ‘Our account got hacked’ and then ‘We are independent supporters of respect Bradford’ and thennnnn ‘it’s the Respect Official Twitter feed for Bradford’.

SAFETY NOTICE:  If anyone reading this is getting dizzy, please sit down, place head between knees and breathe into a paper bag slowly, until your carbon dioxide levels are normal. 

Right everyone ok? Good lets carry on but please be advised, to keep the bag near you.

So we have a Bradford Respect Solicitor Alias Yousaf and Amar Rafiq infamous Respect Activist and George Galloway quite happily going along with this twitter I.D. who declared that it admin were official Bradford Respect Party.  No issues from these guys on this at the time (2013).  No declaration at this time this was not an Official Respect Twitter Account.

What is more the Respect Party @ukrespectparty stated (see below):


Filth indeed, wow they are so outraged!

Now back to Ron Mckay and his statement that he reported this to the police and felt the comments were indeed racist and also blamed the Labour Party for it!  I would say that was Libel to say the least!

So Ron you reported it to the Police did you???????

The Telegraph and Argus Article came out at 6:00am Wednesday May 07 2014; so Ron Mckay must have reported this incident to the Police on the 06th of May 2014 or earlier.  At what point did they realize they had been hacked! (Hacked Really?)

It would be interesting for any reader to see whether the West Yorkshire Police were contacted by Ron McKay or anyone regarding this issue.  So I contacted the West Yorkshire Police to find out if they knew anything about such a report.  The West Yorkshire Police looked high and low, and guess what?


Now if Ron McKay had reported it to the West Yorkshire Police why after I enquired they had found nothing?  Then it came to me in a flash, Ron McKay and Galloway do not live in Bradford, they live in London!  So they must have contacted the Metropolitan Police in this regard.  Silly me for being suspicious of these two chaps.  So to prove my suspicions were unfair I contacted the Metropolitan Police Press Office to confirm that these guys had done their best to expose this @Respect4Bfd as a Labour Party dirty trick and defend the honour of our Jewish brothers and sisters:


Oh dear my heart sank.  Why on earth were the two most logical Police forces to deal with this most serious heinous issue, not aware that a complaint from Ron McKay and George Galloway was supposed to be in their custody?  Then I looked at the Metropolitan email reply …………. It stated ‘No knowledge of this here.  Cheers.’  Strange reply I know but it was from the Met Press Bureau.  Not giving up on the Legend George Galloway and good old sincere truthful Ron McKay I decided to phone the Met Police Bureau to clarify one or two things, and this is how the conversation went (edited).

“Your email stated ‘No knowledge of this here. Cheers.’ Does that mean no knowledge in the press bureau or no knowledge to any department you have enquired?”  “Ahhh one sec…………………………………………..yeah we made checks on ah yah enquiry and nothing come back across the organization.”  “Right ok thank you very much.”

So Ron McKay’s claim that @Respect4Bfd who claims to be ‘Respect Official Twitter feed for Bradford’ was a fake, and if it can be trusted that either police force have not received a complaint from Ron McKay, would that not prove @Respect4Bfd was not a fake; but a Genuine Respect Official Twitter feed.   Then perhaps Ron McKay’s email report to the police that Jo Winrow of the Telegraph and Argus reported on, was an actual Fake!  Dizzy again; I told you to keep the paper bag near you!

Jo Winrow of the Telegraph and Argus, you did validate your sources evidence that he had contacted the police, didn’t you?  After all, you were dealing with Ron McKay adviser to MP George Galloway and his Respect Party.  Talk about raising alarms; I’m surprized fires across the Country were not set alight warning of impending doom.

So if Ron McKay did report this to the Police, which force did he report it to?  Maybe he reported it to the ‘Keystone Cops’!  Or maybe Ron McKay or George Galloway feel differently now and do not take a racial hate crime seriously.  However there is another plausible reason for the Police saying they are not aware of this.  Could it be that this is or was an Official Respect Party Twitter i.d. and the insult to this Jewish gentleman was intended?  These are questions that need to be answered.  Would a genuine investigation prove this to be so?

Surely if Ron McKay is too busy to report it for real then perhaps all of us decent individuals should do so, as I personally found the Racial hate crime by Amar Rafiq and the twitter I.D. @Respect4Bfd shocking and disturbing to say the least.

So in conclusion should I feel righteous in smelling a Rat or not?

Note: I have the originals of the above without any blurring of the copies and I can state they are genuine.  If not I would now be in a lot of trouble with the Police.  However I am not!  I would hope for the sake of our Jewish Brothers and Sisters this is not the case for the Organization and individuals responsible for this race hate crime. 

Jimmy Greenwood


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