Janet Green Dissets at Dave’s rumblings!

So…….It would appear that Rik was kind enough to publish some right old tripe from Dave Smith once again. Who does he think he’s kidding? Link below:


Then pops a long someone called Janet Green, who questions Dave Smith’s lies. See the problem here folks is one of great simplicity. Dave Smith continues to criticize RMBC, and something he does rightly so but the majority of the time his claims are more like rumblings of a fracking fairy. It is rather easy to criticize (although criticism borders on misogynistic prejudice in this instance) but not so easy to provide solutions. A lot that Dave Smith puts is lies and spinned bull scmhidt. Janet Green replies to his post with this:

‘Mr Smith
Please advise as to how you can keep your promise “I will stop immigration” if you are elected.

Can you also tell me which school in Rotherham is to be made a Grammar School by UKIP, as promised in your manifesto?

Thank you.’

And then Dave replies with this:

‘I think some one needs to understand I am not the UKIP candidate Janet, a certain Mr Finnie is; who seems to think he will endear himself to the local electorate by saying he is a member of our snooker club. Anything else to do with our area seems to pass him by. I would also like to know the answer to Janet’s two questions, but alas I fear Mr Finnie will be too busy playing snooker to even contemplate these taxing dilemmas. Perhaps it might help you Janet if you view my leaflet that was kindly reviewed on here, By now I am probably once again on councillor Akhtar’s blog.
Dave Smith the independent candidate for Dinnington’

Firstly, Dave refers this blog as ‘Akhtar’s’. Very original Dave. Lets hope that you’re better at predicting election results than you are of my identity. Think outside the box man!

Moving on, Janet replies with this:

‘Well, thank you for that clarification. However, i must say that, having re-read your posting, it appears even more like a stream of semi-consciousness produced through an alcoholic haze. Perhaps UKIP were talking about you when they referred to the need for a Grammar School?
Of course, I’d like my questions about immigration and grammar school answering.

However, Mr Smith, I’ve now read your leaflet.
(1) You tell me you are going to “defend jobs and services”. Is this all of them? Even the quickest perusal of the Council’s finances confirms that it cannot finance next year what it is doing now. So, how do you square this circle?
(2) You say you are going to defend the Green Belt. However, Mr Pickles has now taken the powers to determine which green belt and/or greenfield sites are going to be developed. so, how are you going to achieve that promise?’

Fair do’s. Janet made a mistake of asking about the UKIP/Grammar School thing to Dave, which he then belittles her on and refers her back to the UKIP candidate. Yet he could not answer her first question which is valid and has been extracted direct from his words. This would be the claim of I will stop immigration’. He does not answer this. Could this be another ridiculous claim by Dave Smith which he can not possibly begin to explain. Is he lying again willingly to the public? Does he just hope nobody will ask anything of his outlandish claims?

Janet Green then replies to him with some great set of questions. I suspect this has shown how amateurish Dave Smith really is. Good work Janet Green, continue to ask difficult questions.

One more thing to ponder on is this; How the hell did someone like Janet Green (who dares to question the status quo) get through Rik’s firewall??????


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