The day the EDL came to Town!

So the EDL came to Town today and they have cost us a bomb. No official figures have been put forward but they will soon surface. The EDl were given prime of place in All Saints Square and the anti-EDL movement up outside the Town Hall, both had march routes which were guided by the police. Also the police were massive in numbers, rumors that police were drafted in as afar away as London. Here are some pictures from an attendee of the anti-EDl march. Below we have Cllr Jahangir Akhtar, Cllr Mahroof Hussain who bot gave rallying speeches supposedly and one of the organisers of the event:

mahroof pictwo picthree


Any further information or clarification on today’s events would be greatly appreciated. Something that is circulating is that this demo has been planned for quite a long time now, and it seems that the EDl could only muster up 300 or so attendees, quite a relative decline in support it would seem.


One thought on “The day the EDL came to Town!

  1. Jimmy Greenwood

    I am surprized the TUSC had the balls to come and stand against Racism and facism when they align themselves with the Respect Party who keeps falling over themselves to portray themselves as a party that is Anti-Semitic.


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