What are the views of UKIP?

Well Ladies and Gentlemen you can’t keep a kipper down from uttering racist tosh nowadays can you? Only one day ago Farage surrounded himself with a few BME Kippers to plead that UKIP are not a racist party (below):
Now we have Tim Wells a Kipper from Anston posting on tricky ricky’s blog advocating a ban on the wearing of the Niqab. (see Here):
I wonder what it is about a woman wearing a Niqab that offends old Timmy? Could it be the desire to see the woman in all her glory or is it Islamaphobic views held by most Kippers? For instance like the ones expressed by the UKIP poster boy Cllr Caven Vines in a leaflet distributed in Rotherham a while ago? Let us enlighten you:
So folks……it does not matter what Farage says the Kippers are what the kippers are.

10 thoughts on “What are the views of UKIP?

  1. Thomas of Rotherham

    I know UKIP have had a lot of their candidates shown in the media recently over racist, islamaphobic and homophobic comments but I had not realized how close this is to our won doorstep. This chap is against the niqab, Cllr Vines has made these comments. I saw your earlier post about candidate kath reeder liking that racist facebook page and it has been doing the rounds that Hellaby UKIP candidate is going around saying to folk that he’ll win because the Tory candidate is ‘black’. Surely people who are considering to vote for these monstrosity’s need to know exactly what they stand for or is that just me?

  2. Jimmy Greenwood

    When I first saw this Post I thought UKIPOPHOBIA (good eh just made that one up), but I thought now let’s be fair and read on. To get the full value of this article it is a must we all open up all the links and digests what is therein. This is not UKIPOPHOBIA but a revelation of the low sink of political debauchery UKIP have sunk to since the resignation of the creator of UKIP. I am utterly disgusted. By the way is the writer of this article saying RotherhamPolitics is basically a campaign page for UKIP. What happened to Ricky Dickies relationship and love with Respect Party?

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      Thanks for the comment Jimmy, Our dicky bird still supports Respect without looking at their history and tactics but He has amplified his support for All things UKIP over the last few months, totally disregarding the less favorable facts on UKIP. Dicky would support the devil if he was standing!

  3. maltbyblogger

    Oh dear. Some of us seem to be getting the burqa, niqab and possibly hijab mixed up here.
    The BNP leaflet states that
    “The Burqa is threatening and offensive, it has no place in our free British democracy ONLY the BNP will BAN the BURQA ” (punctuation as per the leaflet)
    How the BNP intend to enforce a ban, they do not say.
    However, to be fair, Tim was speaking of the niqab and has not used the words “threatening” or “offensive” and says that he has no issue with a headscarf.
    I agree with him regarding removing helmets and hoods and that faces do need to be shown for effective communication.

    Just out of interest, here is a link to a description of the garments that we are talking about

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      Thanks MaltbyBlogger, It was a broader point towards the party as a whole etc. Thank you for sharing the link which our readers can refer to to note the different types of coverings.

  4. True Brit

    I think the issue here is the right to wear what one wants. Talking to some Muslims, they don’t have a problem with removing the Nikab in situations where it’s needed, ie in a court of law, airport or any front face interacting with the public. I don’t have a problem with anyone choosing to wearing the garment going about their normal business.

    UKIP and the other far right groups attack the wearing of the Nikab because it is the manifestation of their Islamaphobic tendencies as evidenced by the Chief Kipper in Rotherham Caven vines.

    As far as I am concerned people can wear whatever the hell they like.

  5. True Brit

    I would be interested to know how many people are walking around wearing the Nikab in Anston. I expect there aren’t that many in which case why is Tim campaigning on the issue ?

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      I Like this point True Brit, how many people are wearing the Niqab in Anston ha. I also know a few niqab ‘wearers’ who are happy to lift the veil for official reason that have been previously noted.

  6. maltbyblogger

    Come on True Brit – he’s hardly ‘campaigning’ on it, he was responding to the BNP’s leaflet. (Why am I feeling the need to defend Tim today ? 😉 )


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