The Real Brian Cutts!

Dear readers…..let it not be said that we at RPt2 don’t mind eating humble pie at times……However sour it may taste. Having seen the awful racist and homophobic leaflet from UKIP  candidate (ex tory cllr) Brian Cutts; we implore everyone to vote for Sue Ellis, the only viable option. She may have her faults but by god she is Joan of Arc compared to our Brian. This man even makes some of the other Kippers seem sane (we say “seem”).

Below is copy of a letter sent to a number of people expressing a Wickersley constituent’s disgust at the material in Brian Cutts leaflet:
Dear Sir / Madame
I know I’ve got my profound differences of opinion about how Dodger and the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns run RMBC like a political fiefdom, but the attached leaflets are the mad rantings of a man who is utterly ignorant and severely deluded. I take great offence to his singling-out of “lesbians, gays and bisexuals”.?
And the insulting reference to sharia courts is just a step too far for me. This man is a public liability and after an Area Assembly last year in Bramley he followed me outside and began his deranged rant about RMBC supporting Rush House and how “all them kind of people spread HIV and Aids”.
Well he played right into my hands, and being an NHS Ambulance clinician who practices diversity and equality both on and off-duty I left Brian Cutts in no doubt whatsoever about the profound lack of knowledge about that which he was ranting and also left him in no doubt about him not speaking to me in such terms in the future.
He sluthered away muttering to himself and hoping to get an answer from himself.
I don’t mind having political debates or discussions with most people, but I can’t have a battle of wits with an unarmed man like him.
My great fear is that closet racists in my ward will favour him because they are so turned-off by the antics of Dodger and his junketing clan.
I hope I’m mistaken, but that’s my greatest fear, that Cutts will get elected. I suppose the sunny side of that happening would be that it would be dead easy for me to challenge his odious views and activities.
So there we have it folks!

2 thoughts on “The Real Brian Cutts!

  1. Thomas of Rotherham

    How can this man think he is fit to be a representative of the people taking into account his health and wacky view of the world??????????????


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