Scraping the bottom of the barrel!

So…..It would appear that after running out of new stories and the continuation of personal attacks being at risk of putting one to sleep, rothpol manages to scrape even further at the bottom of that barrel. Under the title of:

Manual corrections needed – can’t Labour get anything right?

Rothpol makes a story out of some minute details on Cllr Jo Burton’s election leaflet.  The leaflet is below:

jo-burton- jo-burton-12

Could it be that rothpol has run out news? Continuity of poor journalism? In disarray as many of his sources now inform us? Whatever the reason, the standard of news is now in disarray whilst our own figures smash through the roof.

However, it does surprise me greatly that rothpol sees it fit to post a whole article to this leaflet and Colin Barron’s but not this one from Brian Cutts; UKIP candidate for Wickersley and ex-tory:

fty ftyu

Surely he could find something from this leaflet to scrutinize or questions to be asked. However, Rothpol does not dedicate a whole article to this leaflet like he has to Jo Burton’s and Colin Barron’s. Instead he sneakily puts it in the Wickersley profile without bringing it to anyone’s attention. Why could that be? To divert attention away from questionable UKIP material, prolong the attention onto the incumbents? Focus on Labour, hide the UKIP skeleton’s in the closet? A coordinated attack rather than free and fair journalism? There you have it folks, even though there are unfounded claims on rothpol of me having bias, it would appear that our Rik is riddled with bias. His blog could be called interesting maybe. But it can not be claimed that it is a free and fair press. Dicky has an agenda and can not get out of the UKIP bed he so happily submitted to.



4 thoughts on “Scraping the bottom of the barrel!

  1. Jimmy Greenwood

    Why does Rik Van Hegan of Rotherham Politics not denounce Galloway and the Respect Party. This week they have spouted racist Anti Semitic comments on their @Respect4Bfd and Amar Rafiq on his personal Twitter ID has done the same. For anyone who does not know Amar Rafiq is the Bully, Thug and close friend of George Galloway in Bradford. He comes to Rotherham with the rest of the fascists to create havoc. This is there intention on Saturday….. Muslims in rotherham has informed the Left that they will not be with them against the EDL if Galloway or his anti semitic party are any way near. Now Galloway has denied that @Respect4Bfd is an Official feed of Bradford and he is blaming opposition parties and also an individual. He is talking from the rear of his three arses. What people don’t see about Galloway is that he is a cowardly old man who really has an issue with the truth. He cannot act like a real Captain of a Political Ship and take responsibility and deal with such Anti Semitism. His silence betrays his real feelings againt the people who are Jewish. Shame on him.

  2. Roth local lad

    Now i’m no fan of Labour but surely scrutiny has to be balanced and fair does it not?


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