A valid point made!

This from Jimmy Greenwood, shared as a comment. Thank you. A valid point raised here:

‘Why does Rik Van Hegan of Rotherham Politics not denounce Galloway and the Respect Party. This week they have spouted racist Anti Semitic comments on their @Respect4Bfd and Amar Rafiq on his personal Twitter ID has done the same. For anyone who does not know Amar Rafiq is the Bully, Thug and close friend of George Galloway in Bradford. He comes to Rotherham with the rest of the fascists to create havoc. This is there intention on Saturday….. Muslims in rotherham has informed the Left that they will not be with them against the EDL if Galloway or his anti semitic party are any way near. Now Galloway has denied that @Respect4Bfd is an Official feed of Bradford and he is blaming opposition parties and also an individual. He is talking from the rear of his three arses. What people don’t see about Galloway is that he is a cowardly old man who really has an issue with the truth. He cannot act like a real Captain of a Political Ship and take responsibility and deal with such Anti Semitism. His silence betrays his real feelings againt the people who are Jewish. Shame on him. http://youtu.be/SgIMlwtOIcQ ‘


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