EDL countdown!

The odious EDl are soon to show their ugly faces in our Town. They arr obviously creatures of great intellect as this video (made and shared by the EDl) shows them to be. NOT!


8 thoughts on “EDL countdown!

  1. Colin

    I attended the Roth South area assembly last night where there many angry people asking the far right group were being allowed to march freely in our town causing fear and concern.

    We were told the decision was take by Police and not the Council but we were always led to believe there is good partnership work between the Police and Council. Clearly it seems to be a one way street.

    Although it was great to see the Tory Cllrs Gilding and Midddleton in full agreement with their Labour counterparts.

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      I have heard the same from another who attended also. It is completely baffling to think why the demonstrators have been given such a central platform to the Town, other Town’s and cities have had these type of events restricted or banned outright.

  2. http://independentanstonpolitics.wordpress.com/

    I am not stupid enough to believe that all EDL members are choir boys, but I am sure that if there wasn’t a counter protest at the same time as they marched, there would be far less trouble. They have a right to demonstrate peacefully. There are lots of video’s showing the behaviour of UAF supporters in Sheffield, when the EDL laid flowers at the Cenotaph. I happened to go ballroom dancing in the Sheffield city hall while the trouble was going off outside. The UAF members were throwing flowers around, chanting some pretty unpleasant things and waiting for the EDL at various points on the street to attack them. I went on a number of peace marches against the Iraq war and stopped attending after the extreme left attached themselves to the events, all they do is insight trouble.

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      We accept and understand your criticisms of the far left but you are yet to critise the far right (including the EDl) in the same tone. However you do make some valid points.

      1. http://independentanstonpolitics.wordpress.com/

        I can only go on the evidence I have of the EDL’s behaviour in Sheffield and my own dealings with the UAF and associates on peace marches in Sheffield. The world I live in doesn’t have these extremes and I don’t believe things just because people would have me believe them. But I do have concerns about communities within Sheffield that should be integrating better into the city, rather than creating another country within a suburb. I have first hand knowledge of this with Darnall in Sheffield, where my family come from, which is one of the the worst two crime spots in the city. I frequent Worksop which has issues with mass immigration from Poland, the three murders I have heard of in the last two years have all been by Polish people. Our communities are becoming very disturbed due to mass uncontrolled immigration. We had enough issues with people who were left on the scrap heap from de industrialisation in the 80’s, without adding fuel to the fire. Our politicians who distance themselves from what is happening in many communities will hopefully get a big back lash in the ballot box, so that we can avoid it happening on our streets. This is what causes our youth to hit out, because they feel the ballot box isn’t working.

  3. True Brit

    Indy- you are nothing but an apologist for the Nazi EDL. They are remnants of the hooligans that used to blight out football grounds.

    Look at what they are protesting about –

    – Halal meat
    – Too many Mosques
    – Muslamic sharia law
    – Hijab

    They are mindless morons who will cost the SYP nearly a £1m and countless thousands of pounds to the businesses in town.

    Out of interest do you agree with the filth they peddle ? And will you be joining the upstanding chaps ?

    As far as the counter protest is concerned, I have never seen them attack businesses or the Police and they only protest because the Nazi scum are coming in to our town.

    Thank god our forefathers stood up the Nazis otherwise we would all be wearing little moustaches and wearing jackboots.

    1. http://independentanstonpolitics.wordpress.com/

      True Brit. You have totally twisted what I said, but that is how the left works. I deplore the extreme left as much as I did of the murder of an Indian guy in the white rose at Handsworth. something I can comment on, the culprit didn’t even get a conviction. It was right that we stood up to Nazi Germany. however to side with the Russians who probably murdered 4 times the number of Hitler leaves a stench of hypocrisy in our history. We only battle when it is to our advantage. We went to war because Hitler invaded Polland, Russian annexed it at the same time, Polland remained in the hands of Russia until the iron curtain came down. I certainly don’t agree with the mullti cultural experiment that the previous Labour government encouraged in this country, I believe if you go to another country that you go there because you believe in their values and culture and don’t create a culture within a culture. I am certainly very unhappy about the Niqab appearing on our streets, Sharia law creep and barbaric slaughter of animals for consumption. As for religion, I prefer people keep that in their own houses, as I don’t believe in the Christian or Islamic version of god. I certainly don’t agree with importing cheap Labour, Britain should have automated processes better and I believe in a minimum wage of £10 a hour for 21 and above. As far as I am concerned there should be no further immigration into the UK for 10 years and then we should limit to 50K a year.

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