Chased out of Town!

There seems to be quite a few of these UKIP posters around Town, I know of these three:

  • Mini-Roundabout near Motability shop/parkgate.
  • Clifton Corner.
  • Kimberworth Road/Wilton Gardens cross roads.

All three have graffiti on them; ‘Nazi Scum’ with a swastika. If anyone knows of any more then please let us know. (Below) The one near Parkgate:


It would seem there is a backlash happening against UKIP in Rotherham…….Chased out of Town? It is looking that way.


8 thoughts on “Chased out of Town!


    All this will do is push more people to vote UKIP, as the majority have had enough of mass immigration and anybody who voices concern is dismissed as racist.

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      Fair point my friend, there is a debate to be had about immigration….But do you think UKIP has gone about this in the right way?


        The 2014 EU elections will be the judge of that.

  2. Colin

    Jimmy its ” Oh dear how sad never mind” Clearly the posters are having a negative effect in Rotherham. People have long memories in Rotherham and remember the far right demos in the 70’s which caused fear and anxiety amongst all the communities.

  3. Malik_The_Man

    Yes I agree Colin, this is our town (white, brown, black etc.) and we dont need to be bullied by a ‘few’ extremists. most of us want to get on with our lives in peace without extremists on either side. legit.


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