The man not to go to for a wager!

Readers might remember that we had a bye-election in 2012 on the back of Denis MacShane’s resignation. I’m Sure you do.

What many of you might or might not know is that tricky was running a commentary on the campaign leading up to the election in some great detail.

Boy oh boy did he make a pigs ear of his outlandish predictions. Right up until the day of the election he was predicting a win for UKIP and then Respect Party in second place. A truly sorry state of affairs for Dicky!

Him and his crazy gang of bedlamites (Of course not all) were giving a daily update about the disarray in the Labour campaign…….saying they would lose spectacularly.

*Awkward Face*

Well dear readers we all know Sarah Champion actually increased the Labour percentage share of the vote. This inevitably leads to the conclusion that Rik knows jack sh*t about people’s voting intentions in spite of his filthy and cowardly attacks on groups and individuals.

We see the silly billy doing it again by predicting a meltdown of the Labour vote this year. This is total codswallop and wishful thinking by the misfits on Rothpol. More of a personal fetish than empirical evidence.

Our sources inform us that not only do Labour hope to retain all the seats but gain at least two, including the UKIP poster boy (sic) Caven Vines’s seat on Rawmarsh. The other one being Hellaby.

So…If any readers are looking for some betting advice or are considering placing a wager on anything political then do some research, get out and ask large amounts of people what they think, study some polls but for heaven’s sake do not ask Dicky bird.

So chew on that tricky Ricky and keep on howling.


9 thoughts on “The man not to go to for a wager!


    The houses of Parliament were made from Anston stone, expect a political revolution to start in Anston. Anston and Dinnington want to leave the socialist republic of Rotherham, we are fed up of subsidising it at our expense.

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      Very interesting to know that the HoP are made from Anston stone. Very interesting indeed. What revolution do you think will start in Anston? Also, Anston and Dinnington are tied together geographically……Demographically, economically and politically they are not so close. It is also a broad statement to insinuate that Anston and Dinnington subsidise Rotherham Borough.


        Dinnington and Anston came together to fight building on the greenbelt. Anston managed to cut building down to about 5% of the original plan, Dinnington people are having to fight a little harder and will have a referendum on Friday. In 1975 the rural district offices were in south anston, we had a library, youth club etc and shared a swimming pool with Dinnington. Since that time RMBC have asset stripped Anston, while the population has grown significantly. All development for the borough seems to be in the Town centre, at the expense of the rest of us. I have been to Rotherham once in the last 5 years and not again. Most people in Anston and Dinnington gravitate to Sheffield and Worksop. We will break away from the borough, at the same time as the UK leaves the EU. Evolution is on its way.

      2. rothpolt2 Post author

        ‘We will break away from the borough, at the same time as the UK leaves the EU.’ – please enlighten me?

  2. Colin

    Rik and his cronies remind me of those old ugly witches in Blackadder, running around in the woods and making stupendous predictions. Hang on judging by pics you put up, the witches were better looking.

  3. Jimmy Greenwood

    I do not understand why ‘Ricky licking his wounds Dicky’ seems to think he has his finger on the pulse. How can anyone who is too scared to set foot out of his house in Swinton feel he knows the mood of people within Rotherham. I think he should change his name to ‘McDermot the Hermit’ or maybe he could persuade all of us nice chaps that he is some guru or holy man. Maybe then we could follow him to the stars and marinate in his wisdom.

    1. Swinton Phantom

      T’old Dicky ‘judges the mood’ of the whole borough, thousands upon thousands of people by the mood on his blog from the moon howlers.

  4. Colin

    The man is a legend in his own mind. The local ferrets know more about politics and what’s going on in Rotherham than Ricky the hermit. Keep on howling boyo

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      They say if all the traffic in the borough stopped still, people remained silent and all electronic equipment turned off then you can hear the howls of a mad wolf coming from queens street all around the borough!


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