The home of healthy debate! RPt2.

With Thousands of hits, large contribution and participation and a significant number of informants. Is it any wonder we are now the home of political debate in Rotherham. Whatever your views, we will allow you into the debate. We are happy to engage in healthy political debate about new, stories and issues.

What we will not do is promote vicious, nasty or personal attacks against individuals or character assassinations. There is a place for such things and it is called rothpol.



2 thoughts on “The home of healthy debate! RPt2.

  1. George

    I’ve been reading this blog for a few days now, whilst reading rothpol too. I have to say, you are getting the upper hand here. The last few days you have gave some good stories and rothpol has just offered the same old chatter and slurs. Keep up the good work nic x

  2. MK North

    Some of the stuff you put is not tht great but others are so 50/50 really. I read both blogs too and i have noticed that some of the rothpol contributors have slagged this blog off for tittle tattle, now they might have a point But its a bit rich coming from them ripping into individuals and throwing allegations everywhere.


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