Rothpol’s EDL sympathisers?

So……following on from yesterday’s post (below) about Rothpols companions and associates; Tim Wells and Stuart Thornton.

We saw S Thornton’s support of the EDl activity and T Wells open admiration of all things EDL. He actually tried to state that the EDl protest peacefully whilst anti-fascist movements is where all the trouble starts. Tim Wells states:

‘The only people that cause trouble at EDL rallies are the left wing facists who attend to cause as much trouble as possible. The EDL have a valid point to make and should be able to make that point peacefully. I have sympathy for the cause of the EDL.’

So called independent S Thornton and UKIP supporter T Wells support a neo-fascist movement that have no aim of compromise, a movement that wants to see an violent end of Britain’s second largest religion im to our Town. They welcome 200 plus drunken, sweaty inbreds to occupy our Town Centre, harass not only our Asian neighbors but young girls, OAP’s and others who will inevitably find their aggressive presence intimidating. Tim Wells and Stuart Thornton support this and the damage they will inflict on the local economy and business. Tim Wells and Stuart Thornton support these people:



4 thoughts on “Rothpol’s EDL sympathisers?

  1. Malik_The_Man

    Absolutley disgusting, im sure ppl in dinnington and that area should know about what these fool really stanf 4!

  2. S Thornton

    I can not find anywhere in my blog that says I support the EDL. My point was that everyone has the right to peaceful protest. Whilst everyone has the right to an opinion, its not wise to make up stories about people. I take it that the person who wrote this piece has no home to lose. I do not support the EDL, I have never endorsed anything to do with the EDL. But it just shows how much my political opponents fear my Independent stand, just look at the C**P they have posted.

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      You seem to have either twisted the article or mis-interpreted it, So everything you state above is a deliberate or accidental misunderstanding based on your perception of the article. And as political opponent Mr Thornton, I am just an average citizen, I do not oppose you if you speak more sense than Dave Smith. And are you as independent as you think yourself to be?

  3. Jimmy Greenwood

    I have no issue with people who live within the community no matter how extreme and pathetically stupid there uneducated views are. I have no issue with those who wish to demonstrate those views within their own community. What I have an issue is that the majority of these individuals are not from the community but are from areas far far away from our community. They are not the ones who will be paying for their drunken football hooligan abuse that they seem to think is a view that is valid. Also I have an issue with the South Yorkshire Police who clearly out of touch when it comes to the local community and clearly use the excuse of right of protest to back up their prejudice against Asians and Islam. The police should be viewed as a greater enemy than the few drunks that will present themselves and break every law of what is verbally decent. Now as for Stuart Thorton, he seems to be quite effective at bescumbering on this article and claiming in his defense that he is this and not that! Yet he fails to see the importance of right for an individual within his community ie Rotherham to have his say on this and that. Yet Stuart bloody Thorton defends the right of inbreds who either are usually in the company of the police wearing bracelets while D&D or most certainly having a holiday at the local hospital after being sectioned. Pull the other one Stuart, pull the other one.


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