Bringing you the Real News!

RothpolT2 is dedicated to bringing you the real news on local politics and everything in between. Over the last few days we have broken news on important stories such as these:

Not bad for a silver surfer eh? Ha! Whilst over on rothpol; the kippers, EDl and Rik have only offered the same old mothers meeting. I mean, you have to give the fracking loonies some credit, it does take some real manure for brains to knock out the same old bitchy gossip, post after post, comment after comment. Whilst we strive to get the local news to you on a balanced plate (well, more balanced than the rothpol thought police anyway). Whilst the other blog has provided you with a one party bias (UKIP) news, shown their undying loyalty to the fascist EDL and continue their gossip…….I mean they might as well change their name from rothpol to…….Bitchy R us……or……hormonal grey haired sex starved loonies R us…..who knows, any suggestions?

We are continuously on the up here at RPt2. Hits into the thousands, consolidation of new readers as well as old rothpol readers. Numerous confidants. There is only one way, up! 

Whereas rothpol has seen a unprecedented decline, when this began is debatable. 2011? 2012? 2013? 2014? His ass kissing of the Respect party or when he became UKIP’s gimp? Maybe there is no definite answer for this. The blog is now resigned to bitchy gossip, half-stories and a general consensus of sh*t for brains and the occasional EDL worshiping.

Apart from the usual suspects (link below), there are only a few more bedlamites who comment on the blog…..Anonymous and Wil Ewart who are both dicky bird himself and Ronnie who is Jamie Kirk. So there you see, the blog is more of a online forum for basket cases!

So let the mad hatters be. Keep calm and continue reading RPt2.



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