UKIP candidate….questionable loyalties and beliefs?

It would appear Ukip candidate Kath Reeder for Valley ward has liked a facebook page called ‘English&Proud’ which is run by the English Democrats:

( )

Now, this is a free country and Kath Reeder, like the rest of us is entitled to like whatever she pleases. However, if one was to look at the contents of this page (below), one would find blatant anti-UKIP material and attacks on UKIP. Full of pro English Democrat material and content that can be classed as severely xenophobic.

They quote Nigel Farage on this – Nigel Farage of UKIP “My family was from France, I am British, NOT English”

States this on Farage: ‘UKIP’s Nigel Le Farage – his family came from France, he is British, his wife is German, and he employs Irish Builders and calls them British …. we English don’t get so mixed up’

The page share a lot of anti-UKIP material and links such as:


and this:


Furthermore, does Kath Reeder share some of the opinions etc shared on the page she has ‘liked’? Such as these found on the page:

kr kr2 kr3 kr4

So to clarify for those who might misunderstand my point. This is not an accusation but an observation. A local UKIP candidate has gone to the effort of ‘liking’ this page. This inevitably throws up some questions which need answering to avoid any misunderstanding on Kath Reeder’s position etc.

  • Why, as a UKIP local government candidate, has Ms Reeder gone to the trouble of ‘liking’ a page that distributes slurs and attacks on UKIP?
  • Does this compromise her position as an official UKIP candidate?
  •  Does Kath Reeder agree with the attacks made by the English Democrats on UKIP?


  • Does Kath Reeder share the xenophobic and islamaphobic comments,  statuses and pictures on this page she has ‘liked’?
  • Does Kath Reeder think Enoch Powell was right?

There are many more questions that could be asked,but put simply; we would like to know if Kath Reeder prefers the English Democrats to her Own party? Is she in agreement with the attacks and slurs made on UKIP? Does she share these xenophobic, racist and islamaphobic contents of the page.

We and the people of Rotherham would like to know Ms Reeder!





7 thoughts on “UKIP candidate….questionable loyalties and beliefs?

  1. Harry

    I think it best that this candidate straight away disassociate herself with this link. I say this as a Doncaster UKIP member. Best to act quickly before the press get hold of it because they are rooting through all links to such stuff at the moment.

  2. Keyboard Warriors R Us

    Is this same Cath Reeder that regularly harps on about the Herringthorpe fields ? Oh bless her, she is clueless. Although not entirely surprised that she has finally found her home in Kipper brigade. She will fit right in with all the other fruit cakes.

  3. Sean

    Surely this has to bring her and UKIP into some sort if disrepute? I’m gonna email the Mirror on this, see if they can find more out.

  4. Judge Judy

    Valley’s own rainbow warrior. She’s another one who’s tried every colour in the rainbow ,Sean good look with the Daily Mirror, i’d send it to every paper ,including private eye ,and her new boss nigel .


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