lol at the BNP!

BNP Twitter gets hacked, no-one really notices

Hoax tweets barely cause a ripple

When you fire out absurd and hateful opinions as often as the BNP does, the absurd and hateful tweets of a hacker briefly controlling their account can easily go unnoticed.

Someone claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous hacked into the party’s official account late last night, and began posting things like ‘F*ck ALL govs’ to a smattering of favourites from mostly egg accounts.

It seems they weren’t looking to push a particular message and didn’t even really know much about the far-right party, but were instead just looking to cause trouble.

“What are you actually going to do with the account now you’ve got it? @bnp” one user tweeted to the hacker.

“No sure, any ideas? I don’t really give a f*ck. It was just a random target. I’m not even from GB,” the hacker replied (sic).
“Wow. OK well it’s a far right anti immigration highly racist organisation you’ve just hacked. Perhaps reverse their policies ;)”

Surprised by this information, the hacker then suggested he pass control of the account over to the better informed user instead, who respectfully declined.

The header image for the account was also changed by the hacker to a screen grab of a message sent to leader Nick Griffin.

Undeterred by the page’s co-authorship the BNP have continued to tweet throughout, this morning firing out posts about banning the burka and stopping immigration.


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