EDL sympathisers?

It would appear that Stuart Thornton and Tim Wells, two well established associates and contributors of rothpol are coming to the defense of the openly fascist EDL. Thornton…Dave Smith’s right hand piltdown man and Tim Wells…a kipper wanna be, are seen to be openly defending the EDl in which they say the EDL ‘have a valid point to make and should be able to make that point peacefully. I have sympathy for the cause of the EDL.’.

Trade Unionist Robin Symonds is the voice of reason here……he makes several factual and well reasoned points against why the EDl such have such dominance in our Town Centre. EDL sympathisers S Thornton and T Wells totally ignore these reasoned and factual points and approach the debate from a ideological point, arguing from their hearts? The problem here is that the heart and emotions are mostly not factual and show up prejudices etc. Have a read of the exchange of words, it really does say a deal about these men and the company that our Rik keeps.



4 thoughts on “EDL sympathisers?

  1. Dinno Resident

    Oh for heavens sake, I knew these two were fruit cakes but the views they are expressing are downright racist. I hope the voters read their comments. They are disgrace to humanity

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  3. S Thornton

    Surprising that the writer knows so much about the company I keep. Anyone can go and read the blog I made and read for themselves that the blog was about free speech. Typical tactic, if you don’t like what people say, throw the race card at them. I have seen this type of post before,…….. now let me think who it was……….. Haaa I have just remembered People who live in glass houses, etc etc..
    And just for the record, I do not support the EDL nor have I ever endorsed anything they do.
    I take it as a complement that Labour Party supporters are devoting so much time to “have a go” at me, but until people post comments showing there real names, the site loses all credibility.

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      Haha do not make me laugh man. Labour party supporter? Is this what it has come to? Anyone who gives an alternative platform to rothpol must automatically be a Labour party supporter, jeez you have a brain, start thinking for yourself man. Thank you for clarifying your position on the EDL but the rest of your statement seems to be a great deal of gibberish. Here’s my answers to your points:

      1) Anyone who has read Rothpol as long as I have knows that you and Dave Smith are chums.
      2) Where the hell have I threw the racist card? Unless this is an open admission on your behalf?
      3) ‘Labour party supporter’…….you possess a brain do you not? Yes? Well then start bloody thinking for yourself man.
      4) About the comments being posted under non-real names, I’ve not seen you say that to rothpol you hypocrite.


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