Dispelling the myths of UKIP!

Thousands of leaflets (from Hope not Hate) have been out for distribution here in Rotherham and all over the country. The leaflet is quite informative, telling ordinary folk why UKIP is NOT their party. Providing them information about What UKIP stands for. Because apart from the anti-EU factor, most people locally and nationally are unaware of all the extreme tory policies they want to implement etc. Here is a map of how wide scale this distribution is:


And here is the leaflet:

pie pier piew

As you can see, the leaflet debunks the myths being stirred up by UKIP on immigration. That immigration is vital for many of our key services and the simple fact that immigrants as a net figure contrubute more to the treasury than they actually take back out i.e. Our GDP is stronger with immigration.

More so UKIP would like to:

  • Privatise the NHS
  • Slash maternity pay
  • Massive tax cuts for the rich and tax hikes for the poor and low earners
  • Reduce holiday and sick pay
  • Education system to favour the elite.

People locally and country wide need to know the detrimental policies that would slash up their own lives if UKIP got their way.



One thought on “Dispelling the myths of UKIP!

  1. Malik_The_Man

    I got this leaflet and one from ukip thru my door. I say that the hope not hate one gives more facts. ukip one just all rubbish and lies


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