A due apology?

Hear Ye Hear Ye, Town’s people of Dinnington!

News has reached us that the Dinnington Children Centre will not be closing as was proposed by the Council.

It is to our understanding that the local Councillors Falvey, Havenhand and Tweed have done some arm twisting at Town Hall towers and had the decision reversed. We are told it was as the result of the feedback from the Consultation which probably did play some part……but we think it was good old fashioned political maneuverings by the ward Councillors. Well done Cllrs!
Now of course this leaves a dollop of eggs on the faces of the 2 village idiots Dave Smith and Stuart Thornton who were accusing the said Councillors of cowardice and of not standing up for the people of Dinnington. We do hope the village idiots will retract their statements and congratulate the Councillors for their excellent efforts in keeping the centre open. We will not be holding our breath.
Furthermore, will Dave Smith tell us the answer to the questions posed to him before (link below) has he not knowingly or willfully lied to the people of Dinnington?

9 thoughts on “A due apology?

  1. Dinno Resident

    Whoop whoop, this is brilliant news. I am so glad my ward Coubcillors have kicked some butts in the Town Hall. You have my vote Cllr Falvey

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      Precisely Dinno Resident. Credit where credit due. Will the said Cllrs receive an apology from the local piltdown men? And will Dave smith clarify on his leaflet?

  2. Dinno Resident

    Keep up the great work. This blog unlike others seems to be interested in the things that matter to the residents of rotherham. While Rothpol keeps bitching about a few Cllrs, you on the other hand are posting articles that are current and relevant, be they local or national.

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      Thank you Dinno resident. I understand your point all too well. This blog has been contacted by many former and current readers of rothpol, giving people the other side of the story has really struck a chord with people. And judging by our number of hits, people are interested in what we have to say.

  3. Dinno Resident

    BTW – Poor Rik doesn’t even know about the Dininngton centre decision. He is now chasing Cllr Ali about his properties. Just because Rik pissed away all his money at the local pub, he can’t stand people who have probably worked their socks off all their lives and envested wisely in property.

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      Yes our poor lickle dik is getting very slow at this sort of stuff. And as regards to his harassment of Cllr Ali, one suspects the green eyed monster is prevalent in rik’s so called scrutiny. They do say a man’s past experience shapes his future….Have a read of this and you might see why rik is steered by jealousy and bitterness. https://rotherhampoliticstake2.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/from-one-failure-to-another-the-life-story-of-rothpol/

  4. Dave

    Oi Rik you dick, leave our Shoky alone you nasty little man. Cllr Shoky is a good lad, he alway buys me a pint in our local. Salt of the earth he is.

  5. Sean

    Great news. Sure that will be welcomed by all in Dinnington and surrounding areas. Any comments from Smithy and Thornton?

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