An insight?

It would seem That our poor Paddy has forgotten about Riks dislike of him now that he has been accepted back in to the inner circle. We thought we would show this to remind Paddy what rik is capable of. A ruthless man like Borgia who will discard of you if you have no use for him. Now do not get me wrong, we like our paddy. But he needs to be reminded of how Rik has acted towards him in the past……because paddy denies all of this. To all the rothpollers, beware, rik could do this to you next!

Rotherham Politics

Rotherham Politics is grateful to Don Buxton once again, for spotting this Facebook posting from Patrick John Cawkwell, known to his chums as Bert and to us, as the Conisborough Canary.

Facebook Patrick John Cawkwell (Bert):

  • May they rest in Peace, away from the British bastards that continue to occupy their land.

    “In aid of men like Connolly, Barney an McCann
    To fight and die until they drive the British from our lands
    Young and old side by side fighting day by day
    They are the Army of the People – the Official IRA”

    Let us remember this long weekend, those Great men of Easter 1916. The Revolution they began is continued by the Occupy Movement of Ireland.
    Èireann go Brågh !

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