Another example of Riks mistreatment of active citizens and censorship!

My last post was a reminder to Paddy and all about the bullying antics rothpol carries out when you don’t appear to be his cup of tea. read it here:

Well, Here is another case of rothpol, shutting down debate & school boy bully tactics. Active citizen and quite the journalist; MaltbyBlogger (Brenda Gunning) was bullied out of rothpol like Paddy. Maltbyblogger tried to participate in debate with free and fair comments but autocrat rik was having none of it. Here are some fine examples:

The articles on those links provide a great detail of rothpols bullying antics. Silencing those he does not agree with or personally like? Mistreating concerned citizens? Could this be the true rik? A bully and a autocrat? Who knows? You decide!



5 thoughts on “Another example of Riks mistreatment of active citizens and censorship!

  1. maltbyblogger

    Thankyou for the links – my old brain would have taken forever to find those 🙂
    I shall now sit with my coffee and entertain myself with these . Then I had better get something journalistically done !

      1. rothpolt2 Post author

        No predicament Maltbyblogger. I am a member of no party and have no political sway. Labour are as useless as the rest. I just share my observations as I see them. To give the other side of the story ha. Good journalism has no loyalties my friend.

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