Keyboard warriors and nothing more!

Right……I thought I would share an observation here with you. It concerns the ethics and standards of those who claim to be in the ‘common sense’ camp. You know the type on rothpol….Highly criticizing of the incumbents and borderline hatred for certain cllrs. Commenting away on Rothpol from the comfort of their chairs, they convince themselves to know the whole objective truth on all matters. Whilst not scrutinizing others like Respect, Conservatives and independents. I won’t add UKIP to that list as they’re the one’s running the blog now….our lickle dik is just a mouthpiece for them.

They are actually so used to agreeing with each other that when someone dares question them (like I have done on this blog) then to them you must automatically be ‘Labour’ or their favorite ‘baddy’….Cllr Akhtar. How pathetic of them and small minded. It’s always the same. They are so busy assuming that it is the ‘usual suspects’ that they show me how clueless they are to who rothpolt2 is and my unsuspected sources are ha! They don’t take lightly to anyone questioning their consensus.

But the observation that came to me today was this, whilst they are sitting at home typing their diatribe and racial profiling (in some instances). Criticizing all that Labour do….understandably the bad points but never acknowledging the good points. Failing to provide alternative answers. It”s very easy to criticize but not to do.

So let’s think or let’s question what they actually do to make our Town/society a better place? Are they activists? Are they out on the streets? Are they pro-active? Or are they little englanders behind the comfort of a keyboard? You decide.

So who are rik’s crusaders?

Tony Richardson: A foul mouthed islamphobe? Known as a ‘nosey bleeder’ locally and has been the subject of several complaints against intrusion of privacy etc. A right said fred lookalike?


Tim Wells: Not much known about Tim. A lonely individual looking to fit in with the ‘big boys’? updated: EDL sympathiser? – :

‘Robin Symonds. The only people that cause trouble at EDL rallies are the left wing facists who attend to cause as much trouble as possible. The EDL have a valid point to make and should be able to make that point peacefully. I have sympathy for the cause of the EDL. It isn’t really about skin culture, but the culture people try to force on us. I believe that when you go to live in another country, you go there to dissolve into their culture, not to force your own on it. Rather than creating ghetto’s in specific parts of cities or turning cities into country within a country, we should look at better integration. Why go to another country, if you only want to live with other Indian’s or Pakistani’s etc. We now have the same issue with white Eastern Europeans The racist attitudes can be just as bad if not worse from other cultures. I believe immigration to the UK needs to be stopped for 10 year and the quality and quantity controlled. I don’t believe in discrimination on colour or ability, but what benefit you will be to the UK.




Dave Smith: Has ran for election in Dinnington every year dating back to the Norman invasion. Supposed Socialist? Socialist with kippers for best friends? Fascination with women cllrs? who knows!


Peter Thirlwall: Ex-Labour. Man of opportunism? Aspiring MP? Not interested in standing up for anything unless the press are available to record it?


Cllr Vines: Ties with the BNP? Islamaphobe? Personal agenda? Back-stabbed Rik? John Prescott lookalike? Who knows!



John Wilkinson: Fantasist? Thatcher lover? In the advertiser letters page every week? Kipper?


Allen Cowles: Kipper? Definitely in the Advertiser’s letter page every week!


If anyone knows more about the crusaders, what are THEY doing to make Rotherham a better place then please let us know. Our questions can not go unanswered.


8 thoughts on “Keyboard warriors and nothing more!

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  3. revsimcop

    Hi, thanks for the laugh! If you read carefully you will see that I don’t always agree with everyone else on Rothpol so am hardly a crony of Rik and I draw the line at commenting on individual Councillors, as he often does, because I don’t know them. They never beat a path to my door as I am not powerful enough to bother with. My comments are mainly about the policies this town and country need to get out of the mire caused by the gutless and inept “leadership” of the mainstream parties over the past decades. So if I start contributing regularly on here instead of rothpol will you treat me with some respect? I fear not, cos far from being a moaner fixated with personalities, I think I can match you in debate on the issues, something rather lacking on this blog. At least roth pol debates issues occasionally. Blessed are you when people say all kinds of crap about you…or something like that, Jesus says. Well I am very blessed by the above. The only thing you got right is that I am a Reverend, although it has a capital R if you want to be totally courteous. And as for calling me a “so called” Christian, hmmm could be interpreted as judgemental at very least and insulting to my faith at very worst, which I think is now illegal in Tony Blair’s brave new world. Also a bit hypocritical from a blogger who whines about the EDL attacking the second biggest religion in Rotherham. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” applies here. I don’t have “parishioners” but I do look after a congregation and, as a matter of interest they are very supportive of my political involvement, so there. And as for “failing miserably” in the Rotherham by-election, well I did Labour a huge favour by coming in ahead of the Liberal Democrat and heaping a bit of humiliation on Mr Clegg, even being mentioned in Hansard (ask me what that is if you have never heard of it), on the Politics Show by Andrew Neill and by Len Tingle on Look North, so they obviously thought I did ok. In fact, Liberals suffered the worst by-election result ever by a mainstream party thanks to my participation. So I am proud of that fact and, that in the six by-elections held during that period, I was far and away the best Indie. Considering I had no experience, party machinery or funds, my comparative performance outstripped any one else, including Labour who slumped to their least number of votes ever (time running out for Labour in Rotherham) and had to rely on train loads of canvassers being bussed in. Panic stations. In the Radio Sheffield debate I held my own against all the other candidates, who voted me as the candidate they would support. The only candidate I didn’t manage to convince was Sarah Champion. Oh no! wait a minute, she wasn’t there because she didn’t have the guts to turn up and battle it out or else her minders were wetting themselves at the thought she would be used as a floor mop by the other candidates? So calling me a keyboard warrior is a bit rich! See you at another hustings soon…

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      Hi Rev, You have my utmost respect straight away with this line:

      ‘ If you read carefully you will see that I don’t always agree with everyone else on Rothpol so am hardly a crony of Rik and I draw the line at commenting on individual Councillors, as he often does, because I don’t know them.’

      Please accept my sincere apologies for some of my ‘harsh’ comments on you. The points you have raised are valid and I therefore accept I was wrong on the claims you have refuted. Although I do know what Hansard is thank you very much. So there is not much I can say against apart from thanks for the contribution and I’ll edit your part on the other post. And in regards to your point on the Bye-election, I take my comment back. The way you explain it above really puts it into perspective…..Well done you. I hope you can continue to participate in any debate/posts on here if you could. All the best.

      1. revsimcopev

        Thanks Rothpol2 (whoever you are!!) – that was a gracious and generous post. Sorry if I come over all combative at times but I love robust banter. Will always hold my own and try to comment on the issues not the personalities. If I ever cross the line in that regard I beg pardon.

      2. rothpolt2 Post author

        No problems Simon. you are very evidently able to punch well above your weight in political debates. I am sorry on my pre-judgment of your character and I hold my hands up for that. I am always willing to change my mind on something when supplied with evidence and you have proven neither to be a lackey to me or rothpol, a true independent, well done.

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