From one failure to another. The Life story of rothpol!

Exactly who is the man behind Rothpol? Rik Van Hegan? Of course. We all know that his blog is riddled with bias, xenophobia and hatred but that is not what I want to look at here. I want to find the meta-narrative of the blog. Dissect it’s agenda and rik’s thinking so we can find out, unmistakably, the reason behind riks propaganda machine…….rothpol!

Where is this hatred and personal agenda come from. Childhood? small man syndrome? Wasn’t he loved enough? Possibly, but here’s my theory about Rik. (below):


Rik is so anti-labour (and therefore spouts out all the same old anti-labour stuff whilst letting all the other parties and independents get away with murder) because he still hurts, all because he did not get his own way. You see…….Rik  started to become bitter about Labour when Cllr John Doyle was selected as candidate over himself in 1999. Rik was furious and all his actions from then would be shaped by his personal hatred for Labour…….he wanted vengeance?

Rik then was the ‘supposed’ brains behind the Rotherham independents campaign which peaked (but still failed miserably) between 2008 – 2010. It has since died and is nothing more than a pitiful memory. Rotherham independents below:


Then in 2010, Rik, despite his dreadful track record was chosen to be the agent of Independent candidate Peter Thirlwall. See Peter here:

A long story short, Peter’s campaign led to f*ck all. Rik had failed him again. Election results here:

This campaign was now dead all together…..just like Rik’s dreams. Why has this man failed at everything he has ever done. He is actually a bit of a jinx to anyone he backs. Once they have his backing….they never win. But…..It is not important that he is one massive failure for we all fail from time to time…..some more than others. What is noteworthy here, is that rik tries to compensate his own individual failures by blaming all things labour…just because he was not selected. But this personal vengeance has blinded rik into acquiring the company of Kippers and little englanders. Not the company a supposed socialist should be keeping.

Moreover……Riks blog…Rothpol, is some sort of smoke and mirrors ploy. For those that don’t know Rik, or those with the untrained eye, rothpol might look like it is bursting with discussion. But the bare and naked truth is that apart from a few rumpleforeskins (listed in link below), rik is merely using several different identities to make an image of participation by many. But he also uses this technique to form some consensus on what he is trying to push out there (his message). In fact, several people who have attempted to make comments, from a contrary position have been unpublished and censored by our lickle dik.

So there you have it….call me a conspirator but that is my theory behind his madness. Everything our poor dicky gets up to is amplified by smoke and mirrors, but more importantly, everything he does, he does because of his own failure in life. Please spare a prayer tonight for poor Rik.


3 thoughts on “From one failure to another. The Life story of rothpol!

  1. John

    I have to take my hat off to you Sir. This is a very accurate account of Rik’s falling out with Labour. In fact he went ballistic on the night of the selection accusing people of conspiring against him.

    Thing is he always thought a lot more of himself than everybody else did. I remember he once had a right ding dong with RR. Anyway many thanks for putting the little freak in his place

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      No problems John. Quite a few people have vouched for this version of events, some of riks closest too. That would explain his hatred of RR as well. We are beginning to unravel who Rik Van Hegan really is!

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