Where is Sir Kev?

Rothpolt2 has had two constituents contact us on this page about their concern for our Kev! That being the Right Honorable Kevin Barron MP……..or Sir Kev as he is known nowadays. They point out that Kev is not accessible to them and that they haven’t seen him around since Tony Blair was PM.

This leads one to ponder whilst gazing at the stars……..the world going into slow motion……Your breathing becoming synchronized with your thoughts……all whilst trying to ask yourself……where the hell is Kev!

Is he the ugly Duckling out of the three Rotherham MP’s? Or would that be tired duckling. The problem here may arise from all the time and commitment he spends on his drug company chums! And this from the man who heads the standards committee. More to the point……..where is Kev on the campaign trail, you would think he would be out at every opportunity? The other two Rotherham MP’s have shown their faces (below):



Above is Sarah Champion MP and John Healey MP but no picture available of Sir Kev. But we will give him the benefit of doubt here. If anyone who has seen Sir Kev out on the campaign trail then please let us know or if any Labour Party members wish to clarify this for us then it would be most welcome. Contact us on this page and your identity will be protected if you wish so.

So this leads us to the penultimate question. Is the Barron of Rotherham missing? Has he become a part time MP? Or has he started retirement? Will he be standing down at the next election? Who knows, anybody’s guess.


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