Riks double standards? The case of Maureen Vines!

If one is to look through the field of UKIP candidates on the list of candidates 2014 (below):


It would appear the pulchritudinous Maureen Vines is standing for UKIP in this years local elections. Yes that’s right, Maureen Vines as in the better half of Right said Fred……locally known as Cllr Caven ‘muslamic rayguns’ Vines. He is too sexy for his shirt.

Any way to the point……..Cllr Vines’s wife is standing for this years local elections. You might have not heard as our lickle Dik has decided what people should know and shouldn’t know. Or maybe is that what people should think and shouldn’t think. Rik’s blatant bias and fetish of all things UKIP has really become central to his life now and like Joseph Goebbels he spins the news.

Is it me, but I thought Rik and the kippers disliked this family monopoly of local politics. Rik mentioned Maureen once in a obvious positive manner and the kippers loved it (see here):


But it seems if UKIP keep it in the family then it’s all ok…..’we live in a democracy don’t we?’…….But if Labour is to do the same thing then it’s worthy of attention and abuse. Remember last year, Lisa Wright (Wife of Shaun Wright) ran for Labour in Rawmarsh against Caven Vines. Rik took to her with a machete (metaphorically speaking) and wouldn’t let the fact that she was married to another politician drop. This year we have the exact same situation and Rik and the kippers treat Maureen like the Messiah. It seems that this practice of ‘keeping it in the family’ is ok for kippers but not Labour.

Rik……whilst being silent on Maureen said this on Lisa Wright:

‘One wonders, what on Earth possessed the Labour Party members of Rawmarsh, when they decided to pick Lisa Wright?

This certainly looks like a case of dynastic politics, arrogance and extreme greed, coupled with a lack of any political sensitivity, as to how this will appear to the long suffering voters of Rawmarsh Ward.

Nor will this selection, do Labour any credit, elsewhere in Rotherham Borough!’

Here’s riks nitpicking on Lisa Wright, wife of Shaun Wright:



Can you imagine…….face red as a radish and the amount of froth coming out of crazy lickle dik’s mouth if she had been married to a serving Labour Councillor ? Him and his crazy gang of ‘little englanders’ would have been spewing things like snouts in the trough.

So have we heard anything about Mrs Vines ? Of course not, cause she is a kipper and Rik loves his kippers.


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