Obssesive Compulsive Disorder!

If one was to look at the rothpol blog recently, you would see that a certain anonymous commentator keeps on implying that this Blog is being run by Cllr Akhtar. See here:


Now you might think that this is credible if you are a non associate with the man that shall not be named…..Lord Rickermort! You see……All those comments on that article is actually Rik himself…..the man is bloody bonkers, he keeps on talking to himself. Although your sympathy towards him would probably be required as he suffers from a severe case of OCD. That severe in fact that it actually cripples him day and night. For the man is obsessed with Cllr Akhtar and the other Asian Cllrs. Like all sadistic obsessives he will blame the thing that thrills him most. This is lazy journalism from our lickle Dik as he try’s to point the finger at the person who is most easiest to blame. And all his bukkake kipper friends join in like fools.

But here is my line to the rothpollers. Your dear leader…Rik….knows who exactly who I am. But he will point the finger elsewhere as he doesn’t want my identity to surface. Why? You ask. Rik and I have known each other a long time now and we spent quite satisfying and fulfilling times with each other in the 1990’s.  So if you could ask for yourselves you might see the bigger picture here. I have set this blog up as a long term thing to scrutinize politics in Rotherham as I have more time on my hands now that I’m retired. Rik tends to shovel the same anti-RMBC/Labour stuff out so I aim to give you the other side of the story, all the bits our Rik deliberately misses out. Who knows, between us we might be able to cover all sides ha!

On another note……Several individuals have contacted me on this page to give info or raise concerns etc. If you want to get anything off your chest then please contact me on this page. Your identity will always remain secret. Over and out for now!


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