Rothpol’s long and winding road to Fascism! The case of Rik and Cigpaper!

Anybody who has followed the Rothpol blog over the last few years and knows of the infamous Rik would know of him to be centre left of the political spectrum. However if you have been paying attention, over the last two years or so Rik has been on the move towards centre right. However he didn’t stop there. He has gone as far right to UKIP in the last year or so. Constantly posting UKIP propaganda and sympathizing material whilst ignoring many of the questionable and controversial stories around UKIP. At the same time constantly posting diatribe about Labour whilst ignoring many of the good stuff Labour has been doing. This is complete selectivity and bias towards UKIP.

Actually UKIP has become some sort of fetish for him, his blog now is run and controlled by Kippers and they are the ones who call the real shots. If the Rothpol blog could be personified in front of our eyes it would look like this. The blog would be a glory hole, and the kippers would be lining up to have their turn and rik would be on the other side on his knees waiting for them. How did you get that far down rik? For Christ sake man, grow a pair and get back up!

However, even I was shocked today at rothpols current love affair with the right when he fully endorsed a blog from one of his new regulars….Goes by the name of CIGPAPER. Cigpaper has been commenting on rothpol recently and is now in Riks inner circle of friends. The thing is though the blog that rothpol has fully and openly endorsed, belonging to Cigpaper is full of racist/fascist content. The blog itself is a well known mouthpiece for the BNP and the blogger himself rumored to be a major BNP/EDL sympathizer.

With such posts as this:

And much more. So there we have it, not content to sucking up to the cousins of the (kippers) BNP we now have tricky dickie getting in to bed with the real thing.

Oh dear oh dear, tricky has gone from a socialist to a mouthpiece for fascists. wont be long now before the men in white coats will be carting him away for his own safety.

This can be seen here:

Also Since this blog is getting over a thousand views each day I think it should be known that many former readers and contributors to rothpol have contacted me on this page to congratulate rothpolT2 on challenging the status quo and offering you the reader the other side of the story. To the many converts…your identity shall remain anonymous like you have requested.


4 thoughts on “Rothpol’s long and winding road to Fascism! The case of Rik and Cigpaper!

  1. Younis

    Oh my god. I have just been on the Cigpaper blog. It’s absolutely disgusting. I think Rotherham Politics should be re named as Rotherham fascist

  2. Colin

    The question to Rick is ” How low can you go ” ? Pretty damn low if you ask me. The cretin has completely lost the plot. How in God’s name can he justify promoting and cavorting with an openly fascist blog ?

    1. rothpolt2 Post author

      I will second that Colin. It seems Rik has been so entwined by hatred and anger on a personal level that it has now Blinded him. Rothpol has become intoxicated on mein kampf and woke up in bed with the fascists. Ouch!


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