More skeletons in the closet. Abdul Razaq and Rothpol?

Well oh well………it would seem a very prolific contributor to the Rothpol blog has not been entirely truthful about his links to 2 brothers who were convicted for child rape and child grooming.
Abdul Razaq has been writing about honesty, integrity and protection of children. This is quite bizzare considering the brothers are his sons. Umar Razaq has just finished a prison sentence of 4.5 years for sexual activity with a child and Razwan Razaq is still serving the 11 year prison sentence imposed on him for 2 charges of child Rape.
Mr Razaq should hang his head in shame and look to himself for bringing up the 2 depraved deviants instead of lecturing others on matters of morality.
Yet another example of our tricky dicky not doing his homework and giving platform to an individual who doesn’t think his sons didn’t do anything wrong and it was the victims who were at fault. We are reliably informed made these comments on the CH4 inside story documentary on child exploitation. Here is link to the story when the Razaqs were sentenced:


5 thoughts on “More skeletons in the closet. Abdul Razaq and Rothpol?

  1. Haroon

    This story is true. Razaq and his sons have brought shame to the Pakistani community. It’s because of these scum that we get the EDL keep coming to our town. They should have been given 20 years minimum. Raping children is one of the worst crimes ever.

    I remember seeing the documentary and was nearly sick when I heard Razak saying his sons had been set up! The sheer blooming cheek of the man. Instead of apologising for his sons monsterous behaviour he has the audacity to blame the victims.

    Let’s see if the other blog still gives this vermin a platform to give us words of wisdom about right and wrong.

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